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Thread: Correcting my dogs barking behavior

  1. Correcting my dogs barking behavior

    I am trying to correct my dog’s bad barking behavior. I have conducted some research over the net and have seen a lot of options on how to control such bad canine behavior. Most trainers that I have read suggested to either using a shock collar or spraying bark collar to correct or to prevent such bad behavior. I did some extra research for each of the equipment’s and I’m leaning towards with the spray back collars.

    Can anyone share their thoughts and opinion whether this type of collar would be helpful and effective to solve my problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Correcting my dogs barking behavior

    Dogs who bark are usually telling you something, often boredom... you want to identify the barking and quit barking back ('be quiet!', 'shut up!', etc.). Yellling back at them tends to put it on an emotional, personal level, cause it to escalate, and may cause fear or resentment. Mine tend to raise hell while I'm prepping their meal, they understand I won't move toward them until it's quiet. Find a time when you can verbally praise and reinforce not barking, this can be built on, even if you wait to praise the nanosecond they are quiet in a cycle of barking.

    Steve Snell at Gundog Supply offers professional quality products at good prices.

    bark collars:

    I prefer no bark collars as opposed to the spray types; you don't have to be there and they are now made with many more options than the old ones. Both Dogtra and Garmin have good reputations.
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  3. Re: Correcting my dogs barking behavior

    Thanks @george for the suggestion, I'll take that into consideration. I am hoping that this can somehow stop them from barking. I'll check the dog supplies that dogtra offers since they are a well-establish brand.

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