If anybody is interested, here is the tenative schedule from the premium list:

Saturday-Sunday STCA All Breed Agility Trial
October 8-9 Dog Gone Fun Agility, Spring TX, On turf, indoors, climate controlled
Monday, October 10 KOA Ballroom
Terrier Group Obedience & Rally Trials
Judges: Mr. Thomas Savarese (Rally)
Mr. Rick Garvin (Obedience)
Regional Specialty – TGCAST
Judge: Mr. Norman Kenney
Tuesday, October 11 Am Staff only Obedience & Rally Trials
Judge: Mr. Thomas Savarese (Rally)
Mr. Rick Garvin (Obedience)
OpƟgen NCL‐A Ataxia Heidi Burton
Sprint Racing mowed inclined grass
Barn Hunt
Board MeeƟng Outgoing
Welcome Party hosted by TGCAST
Judges’ EducaƟon 4:30pm
Breeders Round Table Discussion
CGC TesƟng
Wednesday, October 12 KOA Ballroom
Regional Sweepstakes
Judge: Richard Gray
Regional Specialty
Judge: Ms. Gloria Geringer
World Challenge CompeƟƟon
Incoming Board MeeƟng
Thursday, October 13 NaƟonal Futurity ‐ Judge: Andrej Oman
NaƟonal Sweepstakes ‐Judge: BeƩy Reed
NaƟonal 4‐6 month Beginner Puppy CompeƟƟon
Minna Liisa‐Koltes
NaƟonal Dog Classes Judge Minna Liisa‐Koltes
General Membership MeeƟng 30 minutes aŌer Winners Dog
Friday, October 14 NaƟonal Junior Showmanship NaƟonal Bitch Classes, BOB,
non‐regular classes ‐ Judge Minna Liisa‐Koltes
STCA Banquet and Awards Ceremony