dogs on stay.jpg

This photo looks deceptively simple; but what it illustrates is dogs who have learned self control, or impulse control. Looks boring, right? Takes quite a bit of work to get them to this point. The red Amstaff is my dog; both she and the mixed breed little dog are practicing out of sight stays. To get to this point, we are asking the dogs to accept responsibility for themselves; this requires much multi-layered confidence building, proofing, and corrections appropriate to the individual dog.

Many people today are concerned about using any type of correction- a correction for one dog might be verbal information, to another it may mean a leash correction. My feeling is they need to know not only what is right and expected of them, and also what is wrong or not allowed. I try to plan corrections so that the dog understands and can give me the correct behavior without losing any trust; the kind of correction I steer clear of is any which is given emotionally, or out of anger or frustration.... if I that is happening, there has not been enough comprehensible foundation built and the responsibility goes back to the trainer to correct themselves.