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Thread: Gumball heeling and stuff

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    Gumball heeling and stuff

    This was on the same dark night as Mo Doodling - lol. It wasn't really that dark, but the video camera thought it was.
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    Sian Min

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    Re: Gumball heeling and stuff

    Gumball tries very hard; he's phobic about strange men which was the big stall and lack of attention. Very light on his feet and moving very accurately for the most part! Congrats!
    George Bailey

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    Re: Gumball heeling and stuff

    Gumball is phobic about ANY change in his universe as he knows it. So competition is not even remotely on his horizon. But he genuinely enjoys the dog classes, the mini-sessions I throw in during the day. He just enjoys interaction even if it's just a tummy-rub. He's never pushy; "entitlement" does not exist in his vocabulary.
    Sian Min

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