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Thread: The truth history

  1. The truth history

    Razors Edgelines, Gottiline, Red Lion, RockLines, GrayLines, KingPinlines, Camelot, Castillo, chevy, Gaff, Watchdogs, Dangerzonelines, Rynoline, RedRacelines, Shockerlines, SharkLine, Gargoyle, Poole, XL, XXL, XXXL, BlueLines, Red Rum, Redlined and Monster G line, Remyline, Marcuslines and a lot more are not APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS that is fact. Real APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS are not Blue body and Blue nose. The American Staffordshire Terrier and this new breed call American Bully and American Bullies. The Lying need to stop. These is no Pit Bull blue. People need to learn the truth. The Tagging of UKC and ADBA need to stop. Nobody is hating. The Truth need to come out. There is no breed call Bully American Pit Bull Terriers. Understand this. You people have American Bullys, American Bullies. And These people with these XL, XXL, XXXL Dogs are American Bandogs Mastiffs , American Bandogges Mastiffs. let get it right people. Change your paper work. STOP LYING TO BUYERS. APBTS, PIT BULLS, PIT TERRIERS, PITS are not Blue or Gray. If you have UKC and ADBA papers you have fraud and fake papers. Change your paper work. Stop lying. You People are in Denial.

    Real APBTS, PIT TERRIERS, PIT BULLS, PITS Breeder on this video here.

  2. Re: The truth history

    I enjoyed your video as it covered many subjects that I think are worth noting. One the falsification of pedigrees and made up breeds for the sole purpose of profit I wasn't aware of the term banddog. It gave me something to research. Quite surprised to find out they originated in England some where around 1200 -1300 AD. You are quite right to compare these giant pit mutations to them since they both had the Mastiff as a common ancestor.

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