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Thread: An Obedience Problem

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    Re: An Obedience Problem

    THere's definitely money to be made from stating the obvious, Chris, because a lot of folks are blind to the obvious.
    Sian Min

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    Slightly off the subject but on a rant. This forum tries to follow reasonable guide lines to better help both pit owners and members with high drive dogs. It's good to be a member of a group that recognizes both the good qualities and also some that may be a problem if they are not manged properly. Just left another training group where a trainer was going to help introduce a 13 week old Corso to an adult Fila. My only problem is that the trainer seems to be in denial of the possible consequences and prefers to ignore the advice from very experienced trainers who have worked with the breed. My biggest point is that high drive breeds whether hunting, working or fighting dogs are hard wired and few are capable of handling large human aggressive dogs. Thanks, I feel much better.

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    LOL Chris. Yeah I had some recent dealings with a canine psychic. People drive me crazy sometimes...I must be autistic too. Dogs seems so dang sensible in comparison.

    I know Temple Grandin is to famous to actually consult, but...I can dream, can't I? I do think she seems like one of the few people with a truly common sense approach to animals. I mean, all those people trying to figure out why cows spooked at a certain spot, only to discover that someone hung his raincoat there, and the flapping was freaking them out. Luckily, there was no psychic necessary, right? Just a little common sense.

    Well Julie, I told you my favorite story about Ally and the jumps. She thought I WANTED her to crash into them. Maybe you have some kind of hangup about the jump and Etta is emulating you!

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