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Thread: UKC Youngest Super Dog!

  1. UKC Youngest Super Dog!

    My middle child "Boogieman" finished the last two legs of his UCD this weekend to become a Super Dog.

    Presenting possibly the YOUNGEST dog to ever be designated as a UKC Super Dog-UCD CA UNJ UAG1 UWPCH URO1 GRCH Fonvielle's A&N The Stuff of Legends DHT ID3 ID5 IDWP3 IDOB1 ABKC-WP SDC1 APA R-1 Novice Jumper National 2011 Irondog Natl Esquive Champion Therapy Dog International CGC DNA-P

    Thanks to my Mom and to George Bailey for believing in me and in my boy when many "experts" had written him off.

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    What an amazing looking dog!! Beautiful!

    Fight BSL
    "A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."

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    Re: UKC Youngest Super Dog!

    Love the little brown dog. Owner's not so bad, either :>)
    Seriously, huge congrats to you both and thank you for representing the best the breed can be.
    George Bailey

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    Re: UKC Youngest Super Dog!

    You're an example of how people can enjoy this breed without resorting to fighting. Congrats and thanks for developing your dogs responsibly.
    Sian Min

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