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Thread: What do you think of this pedigree.

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    What do you think of this pedigree.

    Its my dogs mothers pedigree. Any information on any of these dog I want some information on Ch grunt for sure. What was he a ch in hes my dogs great grand father. Heres the pedigree and the dog it belongs to my dogs mother This is JUST a copy The people I got her from is exactly my cousins ex wife and her boyfriend who is Paula Polands nephew. The Mother of my dog is Batchelor's Crickette R.I.P baby girl

    This is the apbt side of my dog I dont have a pedigree for the father so i think my dog is an apbt/american bulldog mix by her characteristics... Her father was what i believe an apbt/am bulldog mix
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    anyway what do you think of this pedigree.
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    Re: What do you think of this pedigree.

    Its grand Champion Grunt and He is a definetly a bulldog and his grand champion is not in the show ring Ill leave it at that. With this you cant track his ansestors as far as they will go just click on the names of each dog and it will pull up their pedigrees and you can keep clicking on each one until they stop ;).


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  3. Re: What do you think of this pedigree.

    He lost Sporting Dog Journal's dog of the year to Macho Buck. Buck was one of the ugliest dogs I have ever laid eyes on lol and I have some ugly ones! Think he also died in a kennel accident.

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