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Thread: spay behavior changes

  1. spay behavior changes

    if i spay my 4 year old female will she have any behavior changes,gonna do it next month but just want to know what to expect

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    Re: spay behavior changes

    it just depends on the dog. some dogs change some dont.

    Angus was neutered, it didnt slow him down at all.

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    Re: spay behavior changes

    It really does just depend on the dog we had havoc spayed at 4yr old no changes we had warhead neutured at 6 and he's a completly diff dog now calmed him down alot.

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    Re: spay behavior changes

    dang i wish it would have calmed angus hes a nutjob for sure.

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    Re: spay behavior changes

    and ill say it again lol it depends on the dog and what kind of behavior they have now. Like if there is certain behavior that they do that is more of a hormonal driven thing. Like when she is in heat then those hormones wont be there to trigger that. Other than that some dogs get lazy and calm and some dont change at all and are still wild, hyper, driven, and if they have behavioral issues they will still have those too. You can never tell what the outcome from dog to dog just by looking at them its a chance you take.

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