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Thread: POTM Suggestions.

  1. Re: POTM Suggestions.

    How about an AB dog show? Would it be feasible to advertise this show on different forums. The friendly ones like working dog forum. Entry fees? Paid qualified judge.

    Chris Mercer

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    Re: POTM Suggestions.

    Maybe an invited volunteer judge & I dunno how other friendly other forums are, even wdf; but thanks for the good thoughts!
    George Bailey

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    I got some nice prizes, pictures, autographed pictures, working gear(you ever buy shit just to support vendors? Lmfao I hope I'm not the only one!), and all that good shit. I'm sure some of them would attract members and entries. Also... I it's hard to get a GREAT photo or one your fond of EVERY month. Maybe we cam do bi-monthly or quarterly? Give out a nice prize package. I think it's shirt time again too, can we get another design contest going? I can get together some shirts, I need new ones for the club anyway. I'm sure somewhere in all this we can help support the site. How bout them banner vendors? I'm sure they have some trinket to add to sweeten the deal...
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    Re: POTM Suggestions.

    We have some ideas that will be posted up soon for everyone to see!

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