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Thread: To get an idea

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    Re: To get an idea

    Not to judge but YSlow is a Yahoo product and yahoo will always rate the sites that pay for the search position a lot better then the ones that don't. Also most forum builders will not advertise their site it is more on word of mouth. This was the main reason i started using Google to track my site's plus it is free I also use Alexa to track as well and it works really well as long as the user coming to your site has the Alexa tool bar up until the last year where they allowed you to install a backend code for your site just like Google does with the Analyze tool they provide now to track all incoming and out going traffic. But I will tell you if you pay for them to advertise on their links and images ad's you will increase in the rating and more then likely be number one for a few weeks.

    Kevin if you remember I ran the ad's for this site and my site for only a weekend and our rating's both went up for a month or so until the money ran out for the advertising. I believe your site under APBT hit number one for about a week and Joint[Ops] even ranked over Novalogic's game JointOps for almost a month when ever JointOps was search for on google.

    So yes the speed of the site and the back end links to other site do help MONEY is the key to getting to the top of that list......
    My Keys are in my car in the passenger seat next to my Pit.

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    Re: To get an idea

    You can also use the Analyze tool to see how you rank in over all searches and what your site is numbered at if you look more into that tool you will see a world map and it will break it down to how many people from a area click on your link and also what they searched for to get to your site. it is a very good tool to use
    My Keys are in my car in the passenger seat next to my Pit.

  3. Re: To get an idea

    this site is moving up. it took me a while to find it. i think in a few months u are really going to see it grow. the other sites have more members but u hooked this one up. i like this one.......
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