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Thread: donator group?

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    donator group?

    The site is in desperate need of donations. In order to keep the IMHO great hosting we have we need to get 50$ in donations soon.

    So as an incentive I figured I'd create a special donators group.

    I would like to hear Ideas of what would sound good to ppl that are willing to donate.

    I'm thinking
    1. access to a private donator forum section.
    2. Unique username color.
    3. Upgrade in pm box storage.

    I would like other ideas from members.

    This will be a separate group from VIP members. Vip can still be earned the old fashioned way.

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    Re: donator group?

    awww I feel bad I haven't donated in a couple of months...sorry Kev! I don't need anything extra, but if you want to add something that is fine too.

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    Re: donator group?

    i wish i had the extra funds. i might be starting work soon so we will have to see how that goes to help out but maybe for the donator group maybe a special way to show their photos?
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    I think u do enough man.... times r tough for alot of folks right now though. Ill see wut i can do....
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    Re: donator group?

    hey man, i sent what i could.

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    Re: donator group?

    I told you will get you some break sticks to ya as soon as i make new batch you can raffle or sell
    hey look it is that asshole oh wait it is just me :D


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    Re: donator group?

    man I know I havent' donated in a few months but like said times are getting tough specially with the holidays right around the corner but PM me your address again I think I can spare a 5 or maybe 10 ;)

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    Check your PMs Infinity.

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    Re: donator group?

    I want to thank every one that has and are helping out with donations after reading this. It really motivates me. Soon we will reach our goal of 50$

    Keep in mind MPBP is not trying to make money. It's just trying to pull its own weight, Cover it's own costs so to speak.

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    Re: donator group?

    Kevin is correct he is not looking to make money on the site nor am I with Flyingright & Infinity Production the other site that is hosted on this plan. I have already sent out the hosting payment for this month and we are good until the 8th of next month on all hosting. I also have no trouble paying the hosting bill myself but with the new house and some bills coming in it is something I would rather not have to worry about. Ever little bit helps $3 there $2 here it does add up.

    The main reason I myself can not help is that our gaming community just rented 2 gaming servers with the release of CODBO and that is cutting in on the extra cash i get from my site to help with our side of the monthly bill. That I am making that difference up out of my own pocket.

    Just so you all know and do not misunderstand the above comments the funds from the gaming community are not the same fund's Kevin manages for MPBP so please do not think anything you donate goes to help support the gaming community they are 2 different funds and Kevin handles all of those I have no access to them he sends me the monthly bill out of his account and then i pay the bill out of my account.
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