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Thread: Hammonds to jeep?

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    He has some good ones now I would like to get my hands on!

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    LOL the reason catch dog enterprises has good hammonds stuff is it IS Gary Hammonds, great guy btw, great friend and very knowledgable you ever get a chance to go see his yard do it its a riot.

    So I'm a little late comin to this on but Hammonds dogs are NOT and NEVER WHERE bred to be pretty. Gary breeds a working dog and they are fantastic hog/herding/whatever dogs, every now and then ya get a pretty one.(show) Ch Hop Scotch for instance is a Hammonds dog. So when ya cross Hammonds into your blood you're gonna get some funky looking dogs and some BIG dogs BUT there are proven crosses out there. The biggest one I'm a fan of is Wildsides Lucifer to Miss Prance. It was an ALL STAR litter. Jeep is a touch Eli too so I suppose it would look is depends on what you are LOOKING for, if you want SHOW dogs Hammonds blood is probably not the way to go, if you want a working all means, add the hammonds.

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    Re: Hammonds to jeep?

    I am familiar with the breeding Blue asked about and I know it has been stated a few times in this thread, but I would like to reiterate that the Hammonds dogs are DEFINITELY not typically lookers but everything I have read about them points in a positive direction on the working end of things. I cannot speak for them, personally, on a large scale but I have friends who have them and vouch for them heavily. I would attribute the size to the Plumber's Alligator influence in his line. I am in favor of a decent looking worker but hunting, protection, and weight pull aren't beauty pageants, LOL!! All in all, I would say that Hammonds has some great blood for the worker unconcerned with looks! :D

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    Re: Hammonds to jeep?

    I just stumbled across this post while surfing the internet.It's actually the reason I joined this forum,I'm usually over on Game Dog. Regarding the Hammonds/Jeep cross I have done it a few times (well,Hammonds,jeep,sorrell) It seemed to work good for me.I have a few dogs bred that way and IMHO it works in spite of the Jeep and not because of it.I'm not really a Jeep guy. I'm much more of a Alligator/Chinaman cross guy myself,but a good dog is a good dog regardless and there are good dogs bred both ways.I don't know if I'm the guy Blue was referring to or not,because if he's who I think he is,he was corresponding with me about that time over the phone and through email,lmao So,who knows I may be.If so I can assure you he's never laid eyes on any of my dogs in person,I don't keep or feed dogs that don't crank and have no drive,lol I'm not even sure where that came from.Never ever had a problem with the alligator stuff cranking on personally.I've had far more good than bad.My Eye Gatter dog cranked early and is still cranking :-) It crosses well with most lines but I do prefer it crossed with Eli blood,just because I prefer Eli to Jeep.But as of today I do feed 2 grown dogs bred that way (both are very nice dogs) and a few pups.The litter mates from that litter I bred all went on to do very well,so I'm happy with them. I just joined to respond to this post,as I felt it may or may not be referring to my dogs and I wanted to clear the air about the not being driven part.Anyway,everyone has opinions and I personally don't care what that are,but didn't want this floating around where someone may think it's about me or my dogs. My dogs are doing just fine. Sincerely GH32 Have a good one.Over and out,lol :-)
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