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Thread: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

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    Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's


    Wood's Snotty / Abernathys Molly

    Unlike common folklore and a few steps further than imagination Dr. Kimsey Wood wasn’t a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, he actually held a Doctorate in Education which he earned in Seoul Korea.

    A native of Georgia, Dr. Wood was an avid hunter and admired a good working bird and hound dog. Throughout his life, Dr Wood owned several great bird dogs and kept many English Bulldogs which was only fitting seeing as he attended and coached at the University of Georgia whose mascot is the English Bulldog. Although Dr. Wood’s always had a special place in his heart for the these dog‘s their lack of athletic ability, breathing and skin problem left a lot to be desired.

    Dr. Wood competitively participated in martial arts and also played first base for the St. Louis Cardinals as a professional baseball player.

    His introduction to the American Pit Bull Terrier was after answering an add in a magazine and traveling to Texas where he purchased ten dog’s from Maurice Carver. Among those ten dog’s purchased were, Wood’s Snotty, Wood’s Trouble, Wood’s Bloody Sunday, Wood’s Honey, Wood’s Scar, Wood’s Miss Pool Hall Red and Wood’s Black Widow. These dog’s provided him with the perfect foundation he needed to become one of the best breeder’s in our breeds history.

    Although Dr. Wood produced many great American Pit Bull Terrier’s, he is probably best known for “Wood’s Snotty” as he was a proponent stud that sired outstanding offspring’s out of a number of various bitches. These offspring became the foundation stock of many top named kennels and modern day bloodlines such as James Crenshaw, Lester Hughes (Mnt. Man a.k.a. The old man on the mountain), Carl Mims, Harry Hargrove and Tom Garner just to name a few.

    Wood’s Trouble was a small black dog, the sire of Garner’s Chinaman and Wood’s Sundance. Dog’s like these are spoken of in folklore and legends of our breed.

    Garner’s Frisco is touted to be one of if not the greatest producer of all time by many of today’s fanciers. A quick look at Frisco’s pedigree will show you that he was 75% from the breeding program of Dr. Wood.

    The dog’s the Dr. Wood owned, sold or bred will always be a part of the American Pit Bull Terrier’s history. The next time you see a Wood dog in your pedigree, rest assured that you have a true piece of American History and a Real Bulldog!

    In 2007 Dr. Wood was inducted into the ADBA Dogman Hall of Fame posthumously. His son, Harold Kimsey Wood Jr. accepted the award on his father’s behalf. He shared some old stories and experiences about growing up scooping poop after some of his fathers greatest dog’s. In closing he shared and passed down the words of his father to always cherish and safeguard your American Pit Bull Terrier.



    The views herein expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of CHATNJACK a.k.a. Jack Turner and should be viewed strictly as entertainment and for historical purposes only. He, nor the forum owner either promotes or condones any violations of the Animal Welfare Act of 1976, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007 or the Federal Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act. This post should be considered to the reader as intellectual property with all rights hereby expressly reserved and therefore may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storage in an information retrieval system of any type, or otherwise, without the express prior written permission of CHATNJACK a.k.a. Jack Turner who may be contacted at or 843-926-8355 (*Please note that blocked and or restricted number's WILL NOT be answered.*) © All Rights Reserved under U.S. and International Law. Again, the views herein expressed in this post should be viewed strictly as entertainment and for historical purposes only!


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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Nice pics. Never met him, but heard good things about him. I seen several dogs he bred though, and they were good ones.

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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Those pictures were in the ADBA Gazzette. Woods was a great dog man and his dogs were some of the best!

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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Quote Originally Posted by Axiom View Post
    Those pictures were in the ADBA Gazzette. Woods was a great dog man and his dogs were some of the best!
    Welcome to Axiom. You’re absolutely correct. Those pictures were indeed in the ADBA Gazette along with several other magazines. It’s nice to see that someone new to the forum seems to have some knowledge of the breeds history.

    While we’re on the subject of the breed’s history, do you know what year, volume and issue they were in or who it was that took those pictures? Maybe ever more about Dr. Wood’s and his line of dog’s?

    I’m more than happy to let other’s share their knowledge of the breed and by no means want nor intend to be a post hog or “know it all” so, if there is more that you’d like to share about Dr. Wood’s, his line of dog’s or basically any historical information on the American Pit Bull Terrier, please by all means feel free to do so.

    MPBP is plural not singular and frankly I get tired of reading my own post over and over again so anything positive you care to contribute to our forum would be greatly appreciated.

    Once again Axiom, welcome to


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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    It's good to be here :smiles:
    I'll try to find which issue that was with the pics. I don't know much more than anyone else about Wood's and his dogs. I am a nobody that just reads alot and studies pedigrees. His breeding program, which was basically streight from Carver stock, has had a tremendous impact on the APBT and where it is today.

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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    I am the same way, Axiom! LOL!

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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Thank you for the good read Jack.
    I always feel like a little kid at story time when I read your posts on the history of the breed. Thank you agin.
    If hes a blue nose pit bull im a white nose human.

  8. Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Could someone repost these pictures please? Would be great to see them...

    My countrymen imported some really good heavy Snooty dogs many years ago from Wood's yard. They are still working good here on southeast of Europe.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    Jack Turner passed away on February 4, 2013. He knew a lot of history and we all miss him; however, before he died, he removed all photos. If Axiom or anyone else has photos which are relevant to this article, I'm sure Jack would smile to see them back in his article.

    Welcome to the forum.
    George Bailey

  10. Re: Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's

    OK George, thanks. Yes, I was reading some old threads and I know that Mr Turner passed away which is really sad. I am generally interested in all sorts of history materials, especially everything regarding Kimsey Wood and his dogs. Two very good friends of mine have complete yards based on Snooty dogs from Wood. Since he and Jr have sent some dogs really important for the game here. Also, few of the very first pit bulls imported to my country from Holland were heavy Snooty/Boomerang/Bullyson dogs, and they came there from Mr Wood.
    Thanks in advance for the history materials, I appreciate every help....
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