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Thread: Tom garner and garner's frisco

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    Re: Tom garner and garner's frisco

    oh a post on Friscur? I mean...Frisco. haha.
    Eh not my fav stuff I finally broke down and have a dog thats a sliver Frisco. He's fantastic is it because of the Frisco or inspite of it?...we'll never know.

    Ya don't like the stuff/man/dog...don't buy it.

  2. Re: Tom garner and garner's frisco

    my dog is extremely heavy frisco.


    i am very pleased with his working ability and will definitely be getting another one at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheezie wayne View Post
    my dog is extremely heavy frisco.


    i am very pleased with his working ability and will definitely be getting another one at some point.
    that's a nicely bred dog you have.

  4. Re: Tom garner and garner's frisco

    i have seen some of these dogs and they are crap

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    the best and the real stuff is going to mexico.These big o dogs aint bred that tight. Look at kirby, he was small. I know people want to believe in a dream, but this one is a wet dream and you are the reciever. I love the chinaman line and i hate that one puppy peddler has messed it up for the line in a whole. I am not telling no one not to buy those pretty paper dogs. Those dogs are not performing like the paper look. People as a whole has fell for a marketing scheme to make one man rich off of yall want to have a good bulldog. I know people personally who have bought this stuff from the horses mouth, and it is not what it is known for. These were never long distance dogs, but they were at least 1/4 mile dogs.The shit i see aint even 40 yard dash dogs. My boy bought one of the elnegro and one of the snooty pups. they look like they brothers. If he swab they mouth, i will bet my last dollar that they are real close kin. i seen the dynomite stuff, it was no better. weight in gold doing the best thing with it, breeding it to blue dogs. If you want a true historic game dog, then you need to look for some garrett little redboy. Notice you will be up long nights looking for that stuff. but if you find it, u have found a bulldog.

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    Always a Garner thread. Been out of dogs for 7 years, decided to get a pup. I know I could've gotten a pup for $50-300. I know people with bulldogs. Had been Internet digging on Tom, though, and after talking to a shady cat from Ohio, with a supposed to be Mayday, I decided, I would get a Garner Dog. Checked out the info on him, and the bulldogs. Went to the streets to get the "real word", The Internet, will tell you frisco ' s story, if you think he was cur, you don't know about him. Vinnie, posted the story, you can Google it. Got a understanding of how Tom selects his studs. And his breedings. Did some more reserch on Tom, found out, He Buys proven dogs to stud,as well as Raising them, too. Called him, and told him what I was interested in. Very easy to talk to, Tom is. I had settled on a Dynamo breeding, but the pup got sick, He didn't have anymore Males on the yard that was ready, I decided to wait (most of my friends have females,) I decided on a Kemo x Royal princess male. After 4 months, I would say he is a good pup. He responded to the small task asked of him. In the market for my own female, now. From the Garner Dogs I've in action, they usually have hard mouth. Some gas out, but I have seen a couple that have good wind. My dog father likes to say" people need to read the instructions" I agree. As far as peddler. I just think dude does it on a bigger playing field. His dogs show in South Africa to South America, to Europe. People that he has known in the game since the 70's. How is that not furthering the breed?

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    Re: Tom garner and garner's frisco

    There is no doubt that Garner is a huge part of the history of the breed, glad you are enjoying your pup! Would love to see photos.

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    Re: Tom garner and garner's frisco

    Welcome, trouble- sounds like you got a good one- enjoy.
    George Bailey

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    Thanks, he has been doing real good. Loves people, and really loves kids. He has running with a older female, a 8 month old "redboy/jeep" , she was light with him the first few walks, now, she roughs him a lil, no growling or shaking, but she holds by the side of the neck, or by the top, he gets mad! He learned a little bit about getting out of it, but she is a master with it, after she does that too him a couple of times, I notice, he gets civil, in his approach to her. He also has a another female playmate, she isnt papered, but will be a nice bulldog. She is a Lil younger and smaller, but very fiesty, he dominates her with his size tho. He follows the 8 month on her walks, some days, I let him go 2 miles, with her. He wanted more. Good dog, tho. Looking forward to him learning more.

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    I put a pic in my profile, but it doesn't show up on avatar.?

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