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Thread: Essay Winner Is........

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    Re: Essay Winner Is........

    congrats man it really was a great read!!!! And don't let that shirt get messed up you should frame it or put it in a keepsake box!

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    Re: Essay Winner Is........

    Wow..... thanks. I did not know I won until today. Cool. I thought all 4 of the essays were great.

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    Re: Essay Winner Is........

    yeah thats a great shirt!!!

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    After reading Hoards essay on the breed I'm very glad I didn't write an essay on the pit. As an owner,trainer and enthusiast Howard shows he under stands the breed and is able to articulate the qualities unique to the pit. Howard, congratulations.

    Chris Mercer

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    Howardpit1: Please PM me your address and I will be mailing you a $20 gift card for Dunkin Donuts. :)

    Fight BSL
    "A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."

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    Re: Essay Winner Is........

    Howard I will need to to email or pm me as well with your information so that I cant get your shirt to you. Thanks!

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    Re: Essay Winner Is........

    Wow ! very well put ! love it :)

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