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Thread: Original UKC pedigree of Mounford's Nancy Colby bred by Pete Sparks

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    Original UKC pedigree of Mounford's Nancy Colby bred by Pete Sparks

    Original UKC pedigree of Mountford's Nancy Colby bred by Pete Sparks

    Although I have read and followed the forum closely, I haven’t been physically up to posting lately. Paula has become quite a fast learner and has kept me up to date and informed me of the daily postings but still, I do miss being able to log in and read the forum everyday for myself. Here’s a little something I hope you’ll all enjoy, a copy of the original UKC pedigree of “Mountford’s Nancy Colby” bred by Pete Sparks. I have a stack of correspondences between Doc and Pete that Pete sent me before he passed. I’ve always been asked one question about what was in those letter and if one thing specifically was in them. Well Dan and Kevin, you two will have a little something extra in your mail box when Paula gets around to mailing those books I promised you. I’ve added a little some special in there just for you two. I appreciate both your friendships. Keep up the good work on the forum.

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    Re: Original UKC pedigree of Mounford's Nancy Colby bred by Pete Sparks

    Lived by Pete for many years, was a wealth of knowledge and can't count the number of times got called to help get those donkeys back in his yard. In his later years he kept stacks of journals and paperwork back in the barn which people would steal from him. A shame really. Use to help with his paperwork and registry with Renee and Patty after Ralph passed. You would be surprised at some of those papers that are just that, papers by some of those around that area of Starke and Baldwin and a few other areas.

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