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Thread: A piece boudreaux dogs history

  1. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Quote Originally Posted by NoToes View Post
    I hear you there Versatile, and only wish FB;s dogs were as your names states. But unfortuantely that is infact Boudreaux Scrub (fathwer of Eli) and NO there are no bad eyes here caused by over heating.. this is just a terrible case of "CURitis
    that's funny. i also wondered how overheating could blind a dog....
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  2. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Quote Originally Posted by NoToes View Post
    Do u believe SCRUB was blind also??
    (Now i kno wwhere crips got ther name from, they aint lyin.. CRIPPLES!!!!!!)

    @27 minutes is not very long my friend.. Not sure how long that is to make a new forum, website, photo centre etc.. but it sure is about 10 min less than his grandson bullyson quit.. LOL

    notoes........good job editing that post.

  3. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    @ notoes, You sure know an awful lot about those dogs, and that pic of scrub I've never seen before, thanks for that. On another hand, you should also know that performance has nothing to do with production. Maybe he messed up in the keep or anything could have happen. I understand there is no excuse for breeding dogs that compete like that, but he did it and I must commend him as if he didn't, I wouldn't have most of my dogs. As far as running hot ang going blind, I believe it can happen. Ever heard of a persons body temp. getting to high and them having some type of disorder if they survive from it? Well it happens!

  4. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Wow. If this is all accurate.. Which i think it is. By far the most enjoyable reads in a very long time. I wish there was a lot more like it on here. Thank you for this piece of history

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