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Thread: A piece boudreaux dogs history

  1. A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Here is some history on Boudreaux dogs if it helps. It was printed in the Canine Preformance Journal & recently
    re-printed here by Mrs. Mickey:

    Floyd Boudreaux' ace new dog Blind Billy wasn't always blind. He would lose his sight when he got hot. In his second
    match, he lost his sight when he became overheated. OJ Thibodeaux & his black & white nose dog were highly regarded
    at 39lbs. Floyd believed if Billy could get his mouth on him, it wouldn't take long to determine a winner. Billy could
    bite as hard as any dog Floyd has ever seen & even harder than most of the best. He could disable one in short order.
    Just as Floyd figured, Blind Billy was able to get to Thibodeaux' dog several times. The longer they fought, the more
    he punished the black & white nose dog. Blind Billy had the black & white dog quitting. Floyd handled when Blind Billy
    was released & on Blind Billy's scratch. He was counted out searching for his opponent.

    Although it was clear the black & white wanted no more, Billy lost the contest. Perhaps he could have won several more
    matches afterwards, who knows, but thanks to the gifted foresight of Floyd Boudreaux, he bred Blind Billy instead.
    Floyd bred Billy to a good daughter, Gypsy, to produce Red (a full sister to Elias's "Pistol"). Floyd bred Blind Billy
    to Red to produce Lena & bred Blind Billy to Lena to produce Scrub, who was 15/16ths inbred on the old Blind Billy dog.

    Let us back up a minute. SP Clavelle owned a spotted dog back in them times that Gaboon Trahan used to breed to his
    bitches. Gaboon used the one time & found him to be an average dog, but very game. Gaboon called the dog 'Rascal' & had
    permission to breed to him any time, but Gaboon never owned the red & white dog he called Rascal. Floyd bought Rascal
    from SP Clavelle & Floyd Boudreaux was the only man to ever register Rascal & only did so through the UKC several years
    after Floyd had him on his yard Floyd bred Rascal to Lena (Scrub's mama) to produce Rascal Jr. Rascal Jr. was the sire
    of many good dogs one of which Jerome Hernandez called 'Nigger.' Nigger won 5 times for Jerome & one of them over Scrub.
    Scrub was matched his first match at 40lbs. by Floyd Boudreaux & lost this one to Nigger in 40 minutes.

    Don Mayfield liked Scrub & used him to go into JT Kitches & his son of Tudor's "Ch." Spike." Scrub won this contest in
    1 hour & 8 minutes. Floyd Boudreaux again had gifted foresight & bred Scrub to some good bitches & I'm glad he did.
    Scrub sired some great dogs & phenomenal producers! Scrub was bred to his half sister Candy to produce the famous Eli
    dog. Floyd also bred Scrub to a good daughter of Rascal Jr. to produce the great Boze dog! Boze was the most inbred
    Dibo dog of his time & was a great representative of his genetic pool! No Dibo dog could stay with Boze!

    One day a few of some great dogmen were at Floyd's after a convention held in Layfayette, Lousiana held by Gaboon
    Trahan. Among the gatherin were Bob Wallace, Leo Kinard, Maurice Carver, Roland Boutte & JD Elliott. Floyd got out
    Boze & Boze Jr. (a brother to Bullyson & Eli Jr.'s mother) & rolled them together for just a short roll. Leo said
    this roll was better than all the matches he had just seen! JD said that it was blur! Both of these dogs made a mess
    of each other in short order. Just the look on Maurice's face! Maurice was speechless as, his jaw dropped, his mouth'
    fell open & his eyes bulged out. Later, Maurice said he had never seen a sight like that in all his life!

    Floyd Boudreaux became known as the breeder of Eli dogs & this is true, but we need to look at the whole picture.
    Folks, Floyd Boudreaux is the breeder of Blind Billy dogs! The best of the Dibo stuff!! Bullyson was a line bred
    Blind Billy dog!

    Floyd Boudreaux owned Blind Billy & Rascal at the same time. Gypsy was a good daughter of Billy & when she came into
    heat, Floyd bred her as a repeat breeding back to her sire Blind Billy. Floyd also bred her a week later but this time
    to Rascal, as Billy was getting old & Floyd wanted pups out of the aging Gypsy. Well, Gypsy had the pups & Ray Charles
    could see that they were from Billy. Raymond Elias got one of the pups from this mating & named him Pistol.

    Cont ...
    Pistol was a very good dog that was shown only once. He was matched above his weight & won impressively anyway. I dont
    know how Maurice was able to breed him, or if he even did at all, but the ADBA pedigrees have him as the grandsire of
    Art's "Missy," Davis' "Gr. Ch" Boomerang" & Clayton's "Java" (the dam of Gr.Ch. Art). By the way, Don Devine got a
    bitch from Bennett Clayton named "Patty." Don registered her as off Eli Jr. & Java. When Don got the bitch, all Bennett
    told him was that she was a sister to Art, but Bennett did not say she was a littermate. Patty was indeed of Eli Jr.,
    but her dam was a quarter Staffordshire; a bitch off Indian Bolio & a half Staff bitch! But I would not mind if my
    dogs had Patty in their make-up because Patty's dam was a bitch name Ginger. This is the same Ginger was the dam to
    Stinson's "Ch." Tuffy" & Stinsori & Glover's "Ch." Dolemite." Imagine that. Dolemite's mama a quarter Staff! It must
    have been some good Staff blood!

    So, Patty was a half sister to Ironhead. Maurice also said Bullyson was a son of Ironhead & he did that with the man
    who raised Bullyson sitting in the same room with him. Just ask Jerry Clemmons if I am telling the facts. Anyways folks
    no matter what Maurice's papaers say, Ironhead was a son of Blind Billy. Perhaps now you will understand why Bullyson
    crossed wo well with Ray Long's two bitches Baby & Tuffy & Art Riley's Missy, why Eli Jr. crossed well with Bennett
    Clayton's Java & why Ronnie Hyde's Satchmo Bully went so well with his Bloody Sunday.

    Folks, it's the Blind Billy blood doing what it's done, biting hard & winning. While the world is searching for Eli dogs,
    the few who really understand are searching for Boze dogs. It took a daughter of Boze to create Bullyson. When Boze
    was 11 years old & weighed 18 lbs. less than his grandson Bullyson, Floyd held Boze's back legs & let Bullyson get a
    good hold on him. Floyd let go & Boze got up & downed Bullyson & kept him down for 10 minutes, doing what he wanted with
    him. When you realize how good Bullyson was, then consider how great Boze was! Eli & Eli Jr. were good dogs too, but
    none of them were in the same class as Boze.

    Floyd Boudreaux bred Boze to Penny, who was out of Young Rock, out of Peggy. Penny was a good bitch out of an all-good
    litter. Boze & Penny produced Spook (Sissy). Spook's whole litter killed each other except for her & another little
    bitch pup Floyd gave to Maurice Coin, another friend of Floyd's. Spook was given to Jerry Clemmons, a chicken man &
    when she came into heat, he brought her back to Floyd's to breed her to Eli & she had 4 good pups. All 4 pups were
    good dogs. Another all good litter bred by Floyd Boudreaux! Bullyson, Eli Jr. Brendy & Lady, a litter of dogs that
    changed the game itself! The litter changed the future of how we were to breed our dogs. Gameness alone wasn't good
    enough anymore. Eli dogs would & could kill them. This was the beginning of what was to be know as the Eli line of dogs.

    Jerry sold Spook to Doug Nightrider. Doug was like a kid with a new toy. Doug rolled Spook for the better part of a
    week until she finally stopped, but she was a good one. She was a Boze daughter. Boze was bred to Brendy to produce
    Wilkenson's "Tina." Tina was bred to Bullyson to produce Ch. Bullyson Jr. & the only dog capable of dethroning his
    great sire, Benny Bob. Boze bred bitches produce very well. Boze was a great dog. He was very fast & bit very hard.
    To top it off, he was very strong. Boze won only one contract match in just under 5 minutes. All totaled, Boze
    stopped 27 dogs.

    All the old timers used to come up with truckloads to try to stop the Boze dog, but Boze would sen them all home
    disappointed, one after the other. Hell, Roland Fontenot used to come every weekend & try, but never could carry
    enough dogs with him to do it. Boze would make short work of them!

    Fred Williamson has a son of Boze he called Pistol who was raised as a house pet. Word was that Pistol was a pet
    & a cur & that Don Mayfield & George had a dog at 49lbs. that would prove it. Well, after enough talk, ol Fred
    said put up or shut up. The match was made. Mayfield had George's blessing to shape up their Ch. Gomer dog, a winner
    of several high dollar contests. Ch. Gomer was a littermate to Ch. 400, another multi-time winner. Both dogs came
    in on the weight & at 2:45 Ch. Gomer cleared the wall & jumped right into the arms of Don's wife, Phyllis Mayfield.
    Now who was the cur?

    A paid advertisement was published in Raymond Holt's magazine 'Pit Dog Report' shorly after the contest. The ad
    stated "Boudreaux' Pistol: Just an average Boudreaux dog!" The ad wasn't to peddle pups or for stud service, it was
    simply a statement. And it was true; Pistol was an average of Floyd's dogs.

    Ch. Midnight Cowboy was good son of Bullyson. Linus was a Boze bred bitch. Midnight Cowboy & Linus produce Reddick's
    "Herman," a winner of 5 contract matches. Herman was just one of an all-good litter. Floyd sent Liza to Doyle & had
    her bred to Herman. This mating produced another good littter with just one cold bitch. Maverick was off this litter.
    Maverick produced whole litters of match dogs. Ask anyone who owns Maverick dog!

    Eli did his share of producing well. Floyd bred him to a Corvino bitch named Glory B to produce Daniel's "Ch." Tom,"
    who was the sire of Barefield's "Ch." Saloon." Ch. Saloon was the sire of Allen's "Ch." Butch" ROM. Ch. Saloon was
    also the sire of Allen's "Stripper." Butch & Stripper produced Allen's "Double Gr. Ch." Tornado," a winner of 10 matches.
    Of course, Eli was the best known for producing Eli Jr. & Bullyson, but only because they were bred more & therefore
    became more popular.

    Now, Don Mayfield says Floyd stole Eli from him by saying all Cry Baby's pups died. Friends, Cry Baby's pups all did die.
    Don & Floyd wer good friend & believe me, Floyd values his friends. I would think that if Cry Baby's pups wer valuable
    enough to betray a friend, I wouldn't give them away. Floyd gave Eli to JR Bush because Floyd knew he could breed more
    like him or better. To Floyd, a dog is just a dog, but a friend is a priceless value! Don Mayfield is just jealous.

    Floyd Boudreaux created Eli from Blind Billy blood. Elli was stolen from JR Bush after his 3rd match (a match that was
    raided). There is no telling how many good ones Eli produce. Ever wonder why Eli blood crossed so well with Gr. Ch. Zebo
    blood? Who knows? Boy, these are the facts, not fiction! You can do your homework believe me I have.

    Just a small part of some real history.

  2. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    So blind Billy appears to be line bred Heinzls Bambi...

    does this mean Floyd was the breeder of Heinzls Bambi dogs?

    How much credit is due to Howard Heinzl in all this?
    "Long live gameness and the creatures that posess it, and if the caretakers of it are half as game as the dogs they posess it shall live on forever..."
    -Known Author

    When you can tell yourself you know you've seen enough to form opinions that you might apply, THEN, you can think about the best way to apply them.
    - TDK

  3. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Wut would you say is the tightest line bred blind Billy stuff today? Six bits?
    "Long live gameness and the creatures that posess it, and if the caretakers of it are half as game as the dogs they posess it shall live on forever..."
    -Known Author

    When you can tell yourself you know you've seen enough to form opinions that you might apply, THEN, you can think about the best way to apply them.
    - TDK

  4. Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    good read!!!

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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Great read... Thanks Flea...

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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    excellent read

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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Boudreaux dogs.. a mystery in and of themselves..

    Here is a historical photo of Boudreaux Scrub Quitting on all four's in less than 30 minutes 0:27 to Mayo's

    Sire of the Famous BOZE dog and the very Famous ELI dog.


    I wonder what Mr FB saw in the SCRUB dog to continue him, and even still breed him? any thoughts?
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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    blind billy.........was the inspiration behind the breeding. a dog that is losing and is blind but keeps going most certainly is a game dog.

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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    I hear you there Versatile, and only wish FB;s dogs were as your names states. But unfortuantely that is infact Boudreaux Scrub (fathwer of Eli) and NO there are no bad eyes here caused by over heating.. this is just a terrible case of "CURitis

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    Re: A piece boudreaux dogs history

    Quote Originally Posted by versatile View Post
    blind billy.........was the inspiration behind the breeding. a dog that is losing and is blind but keeps going most certainly is a game dog.
    Do u believe SCRUB was blind also??
    (Now i kno wwhere crips got ther name from, they aint lyin.. CRIPPLES!!!!!!)

    @27 minutes is not very long my friend.. Not sure how long that is to make a new forum, website, photo centre etc.. but it sure is about 10 min less than his grandson bullyson quit.. LOL
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