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Thread: Sooo, How did you find MyPitBullPro?

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    After I saw that Liil and Grizz got the Banstick, I sent a PM to Peanutsmommy asking what the hell happened while I was gone. She told me about this site :)

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    Holly aka American_pitbull13 told me about it, yay, and boy oh boy I am so glad she did. Thanks infinity for this awesome forum.


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    We met Brians Mom and Dad at the Tampa fun show

  4. christy was like you are the coollest mo fo i have ever met, you should come to this forum, and i said.... fo sho.

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    I believe that I found your forum on Twitter under a post from PitBullChat

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    HAHA was tired of 'other' forums BS.

    So I invited my gang to come with me. Word.

    The forum rawks Inf.

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    A link from GoPitbull that Dave made. No one invited me ...i feel no love.

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    awe...I still wuv you...:pupkisses:


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    Quote Originally Posted by ~StangChick~ View Post
    A link from GoPitbull that Dave made. No one invited me ...i feel no love.
    LMAO,those link leading to others pages is what got me banned on gp..=0P
    Glad u found us

  10. Michelle invited me! Thanks girl!

    I been brushin them teeth a lot more often!!
    Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something, just because they can't.

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