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Thread: better than Deer antler

  1. better than Deer antler

    Always on the search for better and new products, I came across a distributor of ELK antlers. They are bigger, and carry more marrow than the whitetail deer antlers. So I have sold off the deer antlers and will have these by Friday (10/2). will be on the site then

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    Thanks for the update!
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    Re: better than Deer antler

    Thanks for the info, learn stuff everyday.

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    They Hit the door
    Attachment 257 Elk Large+ (weighing 12oz to 1.2 lbs!)

    Attachment 258 Smalls (these are most companies mediums-mix of elk and deer)

    Attachment 259 Elk Mediums (these are most companies larges)

    Attachment 260 Elk Large+ (daughter holding a 1.2 lb antler chew!)

    Attachment 261 Elk Buttons (unusual chew)

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