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Thread: Pit Bull stickers/decals, signs, license tags & frames

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    al fucking bama
    willie made the the pulldog sticker that is on the back of my truck yall should check out the signs i have the pitbull parking one with the pull dog pulling the old car
    hey look it is that asshole oh wait it is just me :D


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    Quote Originally Posted by APBTMOMMY View Post
    I put in my order ;)

    It will be mailed out in the morning!!! Thanks again! :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldfortKennels View Post
    Anyone recognize this? I took the drawing to Willie and got a decal made!

    Wow! I remember that. Its cool you still have it. I defiently need to make some more of those.

  4. Shoot yeah man thats in my office!!
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    Nice here is mine! From Rock Creek Kennels

    This is the car I put it on a 98 mitsu eclipse

    And here is the close up! Yeah I know I got some scratches on my glass.

    P.S. I like it how big can you get them?

  6. Funny part is.... That's NOT your car!!!! Lmfao!!!!
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    Theres mine. Isnt it pretty ;)

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    Great job guys! They both went on really well and look awesome!

    I can make the decals up to 22" tall in a solid piece. Just let me know the size you would like and I can get you a price.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Re: Pit Bull stickers/decals, signs, license tags & frames

    Have some new items & logos available if anyone is interested.

    License Tags, tag frames, street & fence signs, decals (stock & custom), magnetics, and water jet die-cut steel or aluminum logos are all available.

    Please contact me for pricing or questions.

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    Re: Pit Bull stickers/decals, signs, license tags & frames

    sweet, was just thinking i needed to get a decal or 2 from ya.

    Ill have to check out the site for any new decals.

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