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Thread: Stillwater Kennel Supply

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    Stillwater Kennel Supply

    Stillwater Kennel Supply is dedicated to offering quality products, at an affordable price. Stillwater has built his reputation on customer service & product quality being his #1 priority. Stillwater stands' behined his products 100% and I, "CHATNJACK" personally endorse them as well. Please be sure to check his web site daily as he is always changing and updating the products he carries.

    Stillwater Kennel Supply T-Shirts are Ash Gray and come in Large, X-Large, 2XL and 3XL. Get one FREE T-Shirts with orders of $200 or more, otherwise they are $18 Each.

    Stillwater's swivels are hardened steel, hot dipped in a galvanized coating to add to the duribility and life of the swivel. make my rings from 5/8" Dia,(A36) Steel Dowels for Axle rings or 5/16" Dia.(A36) Steel Dowels for Collar rings. Stillwater makes his Heavy Duty O-Ring's by rolling them in a bender so the inside diameter is 4" for Axle rings or 3.5" for Collar Rings. Stillwater welds' them with 70,000 tensile strength (low hydrogen) wire. These are absolutely the very best and heaviest rings you'll find ANYWHERE regardless of the price. He sell's them in lots of 10. 10 Axle rings are $30+$10 for shipping, and 10 Collar Rings are $27.50 + $10 for shipping.

    These Stillwater Heavy Duty O-Ring's & Swivels are a must for anyone using a chain set in my honest opinion!

    These are just a few sample's of Stillwater's products'.
    For a complete list of items available, to place an order or contact information, visit Stillwater's web site below or call 256-325-5047 and 256-604-6975. You can also E-mail him at Please make sure to tell him "CHATNJACK" sent you!

    "The only thing better than a Stillwater collar & leash, is a Stillwater bred Colby APBT to go with it". Chatnjack = Jack Turner

    "Owning a Colby bred American Pit Bull Terrier is like owning a piece of history". Louis Colby


    ADBA conformation pointed & proven feral hog catch dog.

    Another satisfied Stillwater Kennel Supply customer ! Signed, CHATNJACK


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    x2 for Stillwater!!! Great products at a fair price!

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    I can vouch for them to! excellent quality fast shipment fair price. What more could you ask for?

    Quality is top notch you will get a collar 100x's better than any pet store can offer for an APBT and you will spend ALOT less money.

    Once you get a collar from them inspect it and then look at how much you paid for it, It will seem like he is giving these things away.

    Wont spend a single dollar at any pet store again for collars or leads!

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