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George Bailey

New Year's Res For Dogs

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Pups are mature now @ 3 yrs of age, dinner time prep had become an unholy jihad--- not to mention names, but one dog howled and bit the top of her heavy duty wire crate and/or anything on top of it within reach, one was chewing the door out of her vari-kennel, another was bumping his crate out of position, the old dogs just vocalized (loudly)- you get the idea. So, with the New Year, I decided to do something about it, and here's what I did:

All dogs are crated during dinner prep now, no exceptions.
Got another crate for the door chewer, a bit larger, a bunch more lightweight, we call it her de-lux apartment in the sky (she's on top of the old dog). BTW, the new crate won't stand much chewing, next stop is a metal dog box, so- trying to make her 'proud' of her new abode, including new plushy bedding.
Insisted the wire crate chewer do a down in her crate, explained to her I could not make her dinner if she kept getting up and interrupting me. Frequent verbal appreciation for maintaining the down.
Asked for help from my husband, Jimmy, who wields the vinegar water spray for any vocalizing and assists w compliments & encouragement when all is quiet.

Almost two weeks later, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner; they're really reasonable little creatures, I just had not been clear about what was expected and let a molehill grow into a mountain.

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  1. APBTMOMMY's Avatar
    That's really good to hear that your new plan is working. I always say I like it when a plan comes together :)