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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. Thank you I had a great birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday, Kevin!
  4. thank you, I'm not doing much today just making it a lazy day.
  5. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Hope you have a fun day!
  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day!
  7. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  8. Happy New Year to you, too, Kevin!
  9. happy new year :)
  10. Kev, here's a thought for the forum for you; consider asking for sponsorship from one of the upscale dog foods, Blue Buffalo or Orijen seem to be popular amongst our owners right now, just a thought.
    George Bailey
  11. How is your night going? Me I can't sleep. And the damn dog is in my spot snoring and sleeping like he is a king lol.
  12. thank you!
    George Bailey and friends
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