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  1. Happy Birthday, Laura!!!
  2. Hey FB is being stupid and wont post my messages I have gone to chat. Im waiting for you there but cant wait to long got a appointment in the mornign and I really need to be in bed even though I cant seem to sleep lol
  3. ok woman im in chat again
  4. in chat woman
  5. im a role today lol. i keep having to go back and reread my post though cause i start rambling and things start running together lol
  6. and thats what i got to say about the rescue thread lol
  7. Im in Chat...
  8. got floor grouted. Pics are up on my facebook :) it looks great
  9. hey i didnt knwo you came in chat. I had my volume down Ill talk to you tomorrow or wednesday when ever it quits raining lol. We are suppose to have sever storms again tomorrow and tornatic weather. I gotta go tie everything down so that I dont have stuff blowing away like I did last night. ttyl julie
  10. A very Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Have a great day,

    George Bailey
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