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  1. Well, well

    It feels good to be a part of another forum. My time away from my previous forum(thats for another blog, maybe) made me realize, for the umpteenth time, that I am very alone when it comes to understanding these magnificent dogs. Everything about my dog is different from the other dogs around. Personality, strength, intelligence, and so on. When harnessed properly, those characteristics can yield wonderful, amazing things. But in the hands of the uninitiated, disaster is certain. I'm glad that I ...
  2. blog

    Well we went ahead and added a blog for all usesers to use. With this blog you can blog about any thing. And be able to set your own permisions for it. Basicly your the moderator of your own blog. It can be used to give your dogs there own spot on the net or post news. Or just a online journal. You can pick who doesnt see it or decline comments to the blog that you dont want. So what are ya waitning for lol. Go blog!
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