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  1. So far.

    I am really loving the community here. I have learned alot more here than any were else. Even some of our most rowdy members have calmed down some.

    The members here are the experts. I am New to the breed. But what I'm not new at is web design. So It works out great for me! I try to make this place pleasant and the members make it relevant. Imho MPBP has the most knowledgeable owners period and willing to help new ppl.

    This site started out as just another pitbull site, ...
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  2. search engine fiasco

    OK MPBP Is on the first page of a yahoo search for "pitbull forum"
    And the first page of bing search
    But google has mpbp on its second page.

    Here is the funny ...
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  3. site design goal

    Quote Originally Posted by infinity View Post
    The goal of this sites design is to have a community feel. Easy on the eyes, speed, cleanness. Although Some may still get lost in the site I tried my best to keep navigation simple. Many ideas have ran threw my head for things id like to try, But then I go back to my goal and that is keep it simple. Not overwhelming and full of stuff no one will ever use. I hate clutter and ugliness.

    My experience in web design has taught me ppl cant handle for a page to take more than 8 seconds to
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  4. blog

    Well we went ahead and added a blog for all usesers to use. With this blog you can blog about any thing. And be able to set your own permisions for it. Basicly your the moderator of your own blog. It can be used to give your dogs there own spot on the net or post news. Or just a online journal. You can pick who doesnt see it or decline comments to the blog that you dont want. So what are ya waitning for lol. Go blog!
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