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My experiences with the OS.

  1. Python text adventure game

    Okay so I have been meaning to learn a programming language called python. Well one of the best ways to learn a new language is to make a game. So here is a game I worked on. Spent a couple days working on it and feel the source code is in a releasable state. Original source code can be found here for comparison.

    I have the engine working good. The game has an objective and is winnable, Try to escape the room! Now ...
  2. Openbox cinnamon menu

    Openbox cinnamon menu

    Changing gnome-terminal to start with a preset profile. One I made just for openbox.*
    Opening nemo with the no desktop option so it doesn't effect your background or add icons to it.*
    Changing the background with imagemagick from the menu.*
    *This allowed openbox to play nice with cinnamons default apps.
    Added a conky on/off toggle to the openbox menu.
    Added a on off toggle for fspanel.
    Added option to change desktop background ...