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As the tittle says.

  1. Boating

  2. Best easter ever 2011...

    Easter was great and i got to spend time with the ppl that i love.

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  3. Worst easter ever 2010

    God this is the worst Easter I have ever experienced. Geez I hope things get better. I'm definitely not a happy camper.

    So I post to my blog. My place to vent. Where I turn to when the fit hits the shan.

    I'll make every thing work out... I have to.
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  4. Internet radio

    Well I love networking, coding, music, linux, and servers.

    So I added them all together and made a net radio station. Working on the site for it now but the foundation is there.

    The station is shoutcast based.

    Streaming off of a ubuntu server. Feeding off of a winXP server.

    Starting to get really good with this kinda shit.

    If your at work and dont have winamp or windowsmedia player installed? Fear not the web site has a custom coded ...
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  5. moving +

    It's a pain in the ass, and costs alot of money. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for your dog. He is much happier now. But i haven't had much time to spend with him in this week thou.

    I have a server at my home thats going threw an upgrade now. Hopefully i can get some of my sites out of beta stages soon.

    My personal fave site MPBP has been getting neglected by me to. And this friday I will be gone for 3 more days. I have weapons qual.

    Trying ...
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