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Blog anout anything really.

  1. Boating

  2. building a new computer!

    Well my computer is really starting to show its age :( I have tried my best over the years to keep it up to date, And have reached its max limit.

    My system specs.
    motherboard = msi socket A,
    CPU = AMD athlon xp 2700+
    sound card = sound blaster X-Fi extreme gamer
    ram = 2 gigs
    video card = nvidea g-force 7600gs AGP

    was a kick ass system 5 years ago lol.

    I have a new motherbaord on the way and one of my best friends gave me a CPU ...
    Tags: computers
  3. test

    testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  4. damn stupid windows

    Ok so I have a copy of win xp enterprise sp3. Got it from collage been using it for years now. Got it with my tuition. Paid and in the clear.

    Well today I get the update nag msg, So I finally update it little media player update shit. Then after the reboot I get a msg saying I have been a victim of software counterfeit. And my copy of windows failed to be genuine. I was like bullshit so I deactivated windows threw the registry the re input my serial key re activated and reboot. Same ...
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