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  1. Positive Pitbull News.
  2. FL-Jacksonville couple using movie to save dogs' lives
  3. CA_Pit bull, parolee sanctuary banks on TV for rescue after brothel plan flames out
  4. Canada-Stray, surrendered and seized dogs benefit from HugABull
  5. Michael Vick and the mystery of the missing books about his dog fighting days
  6. Pit bull's bark saves couple in South Carolina
  7. Eagles' sponsors stand by team after Vick signing
  8. PA-SPCA busts East Germantown dog-fighting ring
  9. FL-Daytona Police train to spot dog fighting
  10. MO-Dogfighting common, but it's hard for investigators to break wall of silence
  11. Anyone Wanna Be A Pinup For Pit Bulls?
  12. KS-Dog’s DNA saves its life
  13. PA-Pit bull rescued from Schuylkill River will get '2nd Chance' with PSPCA
  14. NC-Pit Bull Deflates All Four Tires of Police Car
  15. MA-Happy ending for loose pit bull in Fitchburg
  16. FL-'Bully breeds' fill shelters
  17. CT-Girl and her Pit Bull save Shelton Home From Fire
  18. PA-Walnut Street Theater looking to cast pit bull type dog!
  19. MD-B-More Dog challenges and assists Baltimore to be more compassionate
  20. Australia-Black market for pit bulls flourishing
  21. PA-Eagles' animal-welfare blitz package
  22. MA-Witch Hunt for Dogs in Cape Cod
  23. PA-Ad pledges dog food for each Vick tackle
  24. TN-Heartbreaking sight, heartwarming rescue
  25. PBRC's Poppy Mart Going On Now!
  26. VA-Two Virginia Beach dogs shot after protecting families from burglars
  27. AZ-Pat Patrick Dogs euthanized or adopted out before cases of owners were settled
  28. NJ-America's Hero to America's Least Wanted
  29. MI-Judge will issue written opinion in pit bull euthanasia order appeal
  30. MD-Orioles calendar dog feared stolen in Baltimore
  31. PA-Philadelphia's dog-kill-dog world
  32. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: Dogs to be released by city
  33. PA-Eagles fan turned away at Lincoln Field for wearing anti-Vick shirt
  34. Stuart woman stabs dog to death in bathtub
  35. NC-Dogs seized in Alamance
  36. PA-Philly PAWS Launches Web Site to Dispel Pit Bull Myths
  37. Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker
  38. MN-Star Pit Bull Ruby Fighting Cancer
  39. MO-NWMO Man Pleads Guilty in Dog Fighting Ring
  40. FL-Pit Bull survives getting tossed over overpass
  41. CO-Leaked: photos of pit bulls killed due to Denver ban (GRAPHIC PICTURES!)
  42. American Pit Bull Terrier: Demon or Darling?
  43. MI-Pit Bull saves owner
  44. IL-Paralyzed pit bull still gets around
  45. TX-Pit bull 'burglar' leaves behind big mess in home
  46. TX-Police Officer Fires At Pit Bull; Bullet Fragment Strikes Bystander
  47. Vick dog Inspires Book
  48. MO-Second dog-fighting defendant pleads guilty in KC
  49. LA-Boudreaux Family Sues ASPCA
  50. KY-Louisville: Free ‘Snip And Chip’ For Pit Bulls
  51. MO-Rescued Dogs Almost Ready for Adoption, Still Dealing With Problems
  52. AL-Forestdale Burglar Kills Pit Bull With Shot Silenced as it's Fired Through Potato
  53. GA-97 Dogs Seized in E. Dublin in Alleged Dog-Fighting Ring
  54. KY-Pit bull that survived fall from bridge guest of honor at fundraiser
  55. MD-Rescue Ink/Tattoofest: Here's what's up
  56. MO-Pitbulls rescued in dog-fighting raid now up for adoption
  57. VERY interesting HSUS Article
  58. Animal Rights "GodFather" Kill Babies, have Sex with your Dog
  59. Rock's Dog-Fighting Comments Cost Him Pryor Role?
  60. Blog~Thoughts on football and dog fighting
  61. GA-Anatomy of a raid to rescue dogs allegedly bred to fight
  62. CA-Pit bull, Siamese cat unlikely best friends
  63. NV-Metro officer shoots and kills dog, family says for "no reason"
  64. CA-$5000 Reward Offered in Pit Bull Puppy Abuse Case
  65. Man & Man's Best Friend Get Chance At Redemption
  66. Memphis shelter raided
  67. KY, Animal Control Director Resigns Under Pressure
  68. TX~Strip club owner creates dog shelter in Newt Gingrich's name
  69. MS-Neighbors claim NFL linebacker's pit bulls are dangerous
  70. Toronto-Pit Bull Mix Saved by Cops
  71. NY-Kingston: Free training available for pit bulls, owners
  72. Bull terrier continues winning ways
  73. FL-Pitbull brings joy to Carrollwood residents
  74. CA- Placer SPCA offers spay, neuter vouchers for pitbulls
  75. GA-Family’s Dog Set Afire
  76. PA-Experts join dog-fighting panel
  77. OH-Lucas County dog death toll rises as controversy swirls
  78. MN-An angel for Ruby: Therapy dog that has touched lives is now fighting for her own
  79. OH-Lucas County Commissioner wants dog warden to be fired or demoted
  80. MO-Dozens of Pit Bulls Rescued from Dogfighting Rings are Finding Homes
  81. CA-Family Outraged After Dog Killed By Deputy
  82. OH-The Truth About Tom "Dog Killer" Skeldon
  83. GA-Barnesville Man arrested after chained pit bull dies
  84. NC-9 Investigates: Pit Bulls Taken To Charlotte Shelter Costing Taxpayers
  85. OH-Skeldon to retire Jan. 31, 2010
  86. TX-Panola County Man Pleads Guilty To Federal Dog Fighting Charges
  87. LA-The Pit Bulls of New Orleans 2010 Calendar Now on Sale
  88. NY-Oreo, pit bull that survived 6-story toss off Brooklyn roof
  89. OH-Lucas County orders end to puppy euthanasia, Including Pit Bull Puppies
  90. New Pit Bull: Cesar Millan adds to his pack
  91. LA-Dead Pit Bulls Appearing on Neighborhood Road in Raceland
  92. WA-City error leads to dismantling of Snohomish kennel
  93. Worcester~Amazing Dog Trick
  94. Four Missouri men sentenced to prison in dogfighting case
  95. Pit Boss Premeires on Animal Planet Jan 16, 2009
  96. MI-Confessed dog fighters won't be sentenced until attorneys clarify key terms
  97. GA-Dogfighting operations raided in Wilkinson County
  98. CT:Eight of 10 pit bulls seized in NL raid are spared
  99. PA-Pit bull gets second chance
  100. SC:Special Dog, Presents Stolen In Anderson County Owner Offering Reward
  101. OH:Cane Corso Delivers 20 Puppies!
  102. Cesar Millan opens up about his love of pitbulls, Daddy, and newest puppy Junior
  103. NM-Scott brothers getting dogs back
  104. FL-Help Holly, dog dragged survives
  105. MN-Ruby Barks Orders to Reindeer, National Finalist Fighting Cancer
  106. MO-Pit Bull Saves Women From Early Morning House Fire
  107. MA:Tufts VETS treating pit bull
  108. FL-Woman flees Cutler Bay home to keep banned dog
  109. Canada-Family furious after police shoot pit bull in yard
  110. UT: Pit Bull Program Helps Cut Down Euthanasia Percentage
  111. IL:Evil doesn't take a holiday (*WARNING* Story is Disturbing!)
  112. IL:‘Saddest dog’ at shelter finds a home
  113. ASPCA Names Tim Rickey as Senior Director of Field Investigations & Response
  114. IL: Lombard man pleads out, gets 60 days for dogfighting
  115. TN: Pit bull left outside in cold found dead
  116. OR: Salem Police Use Taser To Stop Pit Bull Fight
  117. NE: Left Outside, Pit Bull Survives Brush With Death
  118. Animal Rights Activists Missing..after war on leather rally
  119. GA: Dogfighting Raid Carried Out In Midville
  120. TX: Pit Bull in Beaumont Died from cold/starvation; Remaining Dogs Seized
  121. Report: Michael Vick got ‘adrenaline' rush while killing dogs
  122. IRS to AUDIT the HSUS
  123. PA-Woman accused of leaving pit bulls after moving out
  124. OH-Lucas County commissioners vote to transfer all healthy puppies for adoption
  125. MD: 4 arrested in Lothian dogfight
  126. FL: Teen charged with dog fighting; 19 canines seized
  127. Dog Theives in AZ
  128. NC: Judge Says Pit Bull Attack Was Not Assault
  129. FL: Pit Bull Found With 15LB Weights Tied Around Neck
  130. MD: Puppies Found in Trash Bag; 1 Survives
  131. Pakistan: Law never bites when living in medieval ages
  132. NY: Coyote attacks woman, and later pit bull in Greenburgh
  133. CA: Jesse James Begs for Help over Missing Dog
  134. Fayetteville teen accused of dog fighting (wanted to be the next Michael Vick)
  135. PA-Together, making a point about pit bulls
  136. MA-Pit bull marks a year at shelter
  137. OR: Pit bull missing after owner seriously injured in crash near Rhododendron
  138. MI: Show Pit Bull Dies In House Fire
  139. Deputy shoots dog while serving arrest warrant
  140. These Pit Bulls Have A Rock Band!
  141. Grant helps kids read
  142. Jesse James Reunited with Lost Dog CinnaBun
  143. Bad News in Tennessee
  144. GA: 27 Dogs Found Dead, 25 Injured In Washington County
  145. North Texas group to host feral hog hunting contest
  146. MI: Is theft of woman's pit bull a trend?
  147. GA: Pit bull stolen from North Rome home
  148. NC: The Killing of a Legacy
  149. Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Stuns HSUS
  150. PeTA Protesters Face Federal Charges
  151. Michael Vick's former friend, co-defendant, tells why he talked to authorities
  152. Man Charged With Stabbing Pit Bull
  153. Pit Bull Rescued Twice In A Week
  154. VA-Pit Bulls Save Owner
  155. GA: Pit Prints Rescue Investigated
  156. TX:That Big Bang Of A Dog-Fighting Bust Turns Into A Weak Whimper In The Courtroom
  157. AR: Bill Stewart (Rushin Bill) Found Dead
  158. GA:While digging dog's grave, Griffin man finds grenade in backyard
  159. PA: Hector Aims to Show the Softer Side of Pit Bulls
  160. MI: Judge spares dogs rescued in fight probe
  161. Bronx Dogfighters Found Guilty; NY Fighting Rules Too Weak?
  162. NJ: Somerset authorities bust dog-fighting operation
  163. MD:Veterinarians disagree with police that pit bulls used for fights in criminal case
  164. Niagara Falls man can’t find surrendered pit bulls after raid
  165. NC: Haw River Man Pleads Guilty To Dogfighting, Future Of 33 Dogs Undecided
  166. PA: Garfield Breeder Accused Of Letting Pit Bulls Starve To Death
  167. MO: FOX Files - Dog Fighting Ring Pictures
  168. NY: Troy Man Accused of Weighing Down Dogs with Chains
  169. VA: Rescue Ink talks about pit bulls and stereotypes in exclusive interview
  170. MO: St. Louis; More dogfighting charges filed
  171. MA: Homeward bound: roaming pit bulls saved in Saugus
  172. NY:Adoption campaign takes on image of pit bulls
  173. PA: Adopting Pit bulls In Cumberland County
  174. WA: Potential car-jacker messes with the wrong vehicle
  175. IL: Seven charged in Illinois dog fighting ring
  176. UK: Owner left puppy in pain after leg injury
  177. GA: Man gets probation for dogfighting gear
  178. AZ: Pat Patrick Looses House
  179. NY: Former Michael Vick Dog Receives Community Service Award
  180. TX: Investigation Reveals Dogs Died a Gruesome Death
  181. SD: Ban The Pit Bulls, The Boxers Have Menaced!
  182. NC: Harry Hargrove Raided
  183. OH: New law ends pit bull rescue
  184. FL: St. Petersburg woman kills pit bull puppy with toss over fence
  185. OH: 'Pit bull' Amos saved from death; 9 dogs to die
  186. WA:$1,500 reward for lost E. Union pit bull puppy leads to armed robbery
  187. PA: Apollo yard sale to benefit canine amputee
  188. KY: Trial underway for accused dog fighter
  189. ID: Family Pitbull Dumped in Trashcan
  190. TX: Injured Pit Bull left for dead under bridge
  191. PETA Appalled Facebook's "Mafia Wars" Now Using Pit Bulls
  192. Pit bull as pig princess? Bernadette Peters acts out her latest children's book
  193. OH: Once facing death, Amos embarks on a fresh start
  194. GA: Police bust dog fighting operation in Albany
  195. MD: Woman Hopes Stolen Pet Is Returned Soon
  196. IL: Pit bull out on the morning commute yesterday and today has been rescued
  197. NC: Teen accused of trying to steal pit bull
  198. MI: Neighbor Found Two Year Old Boy Wandering Neighborhood in Otsego County
  199. Dear Diary...
  200. Pit Bull Puppy Poops all over inside Patrol Car after owners are arrested....
  201. Pill-Popping Pitbull Needs Viagra to Live
  202. FL: Tampa couple charged after a dog starves to death
  203. AZ - Update on Sweetie - Pit bull that was attacked by 4 other dogs
  204. TX: Smith County authorities building dog fighting case
  205. PA: Dog fell from roof survives, awaits surgery
  206. FL: Nine charges of cruelty to animals
  207. Malta: Pit bull released from wartime shelter
  208. OR: More than half of seized dogs to be destroyed
  209. NC: Randolph County man arrested after fighting dogs seized from his home
  210. NC: Man at center of dog fighting operation turns himself in
  211. OH: Pit Bull Finds New Home
  212. FL: Documentary About Miami's Pit Bull Ban Comes to South Beach This Weekend
  213. CA: The Pit Crew - Program brings out the best in dogs, volunteers
  214. IL: 'Justice for Tommy': Protesters at courthouse in support of abused pit bull
  215. CT: Cops: Dog died jumping over fence
  216. NC: Beaufort County Dog Fighting Ring Busted-Update
  217. NY: 'I'm no monster,' says Staten Island's North Shore dogfather
  218. MO: They Convicted Al Capone of Tax Evasion
  219. Dog-Fighting DNA Database Breaks New Ground in Crackdown on Animal Cruelty
  220. FL: Tigre the pit bull vs. Gator
  221. IL: Ike the expressway pit bull settles in to new home
  222. GA: Seven Pit Bulls Rescued From Cruel Death in Decatur County
  223. IA: Some of the Pit Bulls Taken From Pacific Junction Need Homes
  224. THE PIT BOSS is Back and With a Bigger Bark and Bite Than Ever This Summer
  225. WA: Pit Bull Stolen From Northwest Home
  226. Susie's Law signed in North Carolina
  227. FL: Female Pit Bull Saves Male Pit Bull
  228. RI: Pit bull doing well after surgery
  229. IL: 3 men guilty of dogfighting, must pay for lifetime care
  230. NY: Why are so many pit-bulls being harmed?
  231. Turkey - Turkish ministry looks to hit mafia with pit bull measures
  232. MO: Pit Bulls seized in suspected dog fighting operation
  233. TN: 20 Pit Bulls Seized; Frayser Woman Jailed
  234. PA: Vanessa Carlton's Bite Case - Pit Bull Gets Off
  235. NC: Pit bull puppy recovering after being lit on fire
  236. FL: Some Pit Bulls Skirt S. Fla. Ban as Service Dogs
  237. UK: Appeal over dog found in Fife quarry
  238. GA: Polk County Raid Nets 33 Dogs, Four Dogfighting Suspects
  239. Chihuahua Attacked By Coyote, Saved By Pit Bulls
  240. CA: Blind pit bull to leave Oakland, bound for St. Louis
  241. CA: Pit Bulls Bound For Dog Fighting in Mexico Rescued in Buena Park
  242. LA: Pit Bull and Cock Fights Used as Networking Tool for Drug Traffickers
  243. Iowa City man charged with neglecting pit bulls
  244. London: Man convicted after graphic dog fighting footage seized
  245. GA: Bartow man arrested on dog fighting, animal cruelty charges
  246. AZ: Pit Bull surprises officer by giving birth in squad car
  247. CA - Former fighting dog leads his own rescuer to an ill woman, saving her life
  248. MI: Pit bull puppy's ears allegedly cut off with scissors by owners
  249. FL: Stray Pit Bull Saves Woman, Child from Attacker
  250. TX - Pit Bull Recovering Well After Being Dumped