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  1. How to Kill a Bill
  2. BSL in the United States
  3. Take Down the HSUS
  4. Know Your Rights as a Dog Owner!
  5. Dog bite statistics. Flaws exposed.
  6. Loudoun County VA
  7. Anderson County KY update
  8. Troy, MO bsl in the works
  9. Denver, CO Court revives Challenge
  10. Mobridge, SD Whispers of bsl
  11. Knox, Indiana Whispers of BSL
  12. Minneapolis, MN Dog bites are down
  13. Dixon, MO whispers of BSL
  14. Mobridge, SD council passes dog ordinance to PAB
  15. Badin, NC dog ordinanace being revisted june 9th
  16. Avon Lake, OH: City tweaks vicious dog laws (BSL)
  17. Fremont county, ID sorry late but a need to know none the less
  18. Chaffee, MO: BSL passed
  19. Tea, SD: Tea rethinks outright ban on pit bulls
  20. Interesting...
  21. FYI - Ex Post Facto Clauses a.k.a. “grandfather clause”
  22. Lincon, NE whispers of BSL
  23. Maysville, KY residents ignoring ban
  24. Whitehall, OH: Councilwoman wants pit bull ban (again)
  25. Lowell, MA: Proposed BSL discussion tabled (until June 23?)
  26. Elgin, IL: Elgin will revisit call for ban on pit bulls
  27. Fremont County, ID: Drop proposed pit bull ban,
  28. canada supreme court wont hear appeal
  29. Reminder: Ogden, UT city council to discuss pit bull ban, June 18, 5:30 PM
  30. Woonsocket, RI: Police push pit bull law
  31. day late on this one remember to always look out for bsl in your community Troy, MO
  32. Anacortes, WA: Whispers of BSL
  33. AL-Fayette passes ban on pit bulls in city limits
  34. WA-KingCounty Introduces Dangerous Dog Legislation
  35. WA-Grant County Outreach Reports on Pitbulls
  36. Mt. Clemens, MI: City eyes tough rules for pit bulls
  37. Massachusetts: HB 913 would prohibit insurance breed discrimination
  38. Ogden, UT: Pit bull owners say ordinance discriminates
  39. Troy, MO: Pit bull ban passed
  40. Earlville, IL: BSL proposed
  41. Hornell, NY: Attack should prompt dog law review
  42. TX-Rusk County To Enact Leash Law
  43. Whitehall, OH update: Pit bull ban second reading July 7, 7 PM
  44. Fairborn, OH enforces no pit bull ordinance
  45. Avon Lake, OH: Proposed dog ordinance tabled for summer break
  46. Des Moines, IA: Councilwoman backs citywide ban on pit bulls
  47. Highland Park and Elgin, IL
  48. the full scoop on the fayette pit bull ban
  49. KS-Hays To Discuss Pit Bull Ban Again
  50. TX-Justin's Law-Banning Pit Bulls in TX and Nationally
  51. Wichita, KS: New pit bull ordinance goes into effect
  52. Tyler, TX: Crowd calls for nationwide pit bull ban
  53. Sioux City, IA: Councilman who pushed for pit bull ban has “vicious” Lab
  54. Reminder: Tea, SD council to discuss BSL, July 6
  55. Wilkes-Barre, PA: City to ask legislature for ability to pass BSL
  56. Hays City, KS update: BSL still on the table
  57. CA-anti-dog fighting bill moves forward
  58. Some Good News
  59. Lincoln, NE: City mulls changes to dog laws
  60. Wilkes-Barre, PA: Dog owners, experts growl at proposed vicious breed ban
  61. Woonsocket. RI: Pit bull law fate doesn't look good
  62. New York City, NY: ASPCA fears NYCHA dog ban in city housing will fill animal shelter
  63. Brook Park, OH: Canary Dogs and American Bulldogs added to dangerous dog list
  64. Sioux City, IA: Owners lobby for repeal of pit bull ban
  65. Omaha, NE: Results of “dangerous dog crackdown”
  66. Whitehall, OH: Council looks at proposed ban on pit bulls, “vicious” dogs
  67. Vestavia Hills, AL: Residents ask for pit bull ban
  68. Indianapolis, IN: Councilman still pushing for BSL
  69. Salt Lake County, UT: Program trains pit bulls and owners
  70. Ogden, UT: date change on day to vote
  71. New York City, NY: BSL protest planned, July 23, 6 PM
  72. Midwest City, OK: Dogfight brews in Midwest City as breed law is enforced
  73. Tonganoxie, KS: City will not drop BSL from dog ordinance
  74. Garrard County, KY update: BSL dropped
  75. A chance for some good publicity?
  76. TX-West Columbia Bans Pit Bulls & Rottweilers
  77. IN-Elkhart City Leaders Consider Beefing Up Law
  78. FL-West Palm Beach Proposes New Dangerous Dog Ordinance
  79. WV-Lack of officers a problem for Kanawha anti-tethering law
  80. CO-Larimer County Tethering Ordinance Passed
  81. FL-Escambia County Considers Bannning Unsupervised Tethering
  82. Midwest City, OK: MWC, Residents Fight Over Dog Ban
  83. Elkhart, IN: Whispers of BSL
  84. Whitehall, OH update: “Pit bull” ban voted down
  85. West Columbia, TX update: Proposed breed ban under fire
  86. De Soto, KS: “Pit bull” ban approved
  87. IA-Des Moines Considers Pit Bull Ban
  88. IL-Yorkville eyes harsher penalties for dog attacks
  89. MI-Warren's New Law Targets Loose Dogs
  90. TX-West Columbia To Research Alternative To Breed Ban
  91. NC-Cumberland County law banning tethering takes effect
  92. IL-Rockford Considering Changes To Animal Control Laws
  93. PA-York County Canvassing For Unlicensed Dogs
  94. IL-Chicago Wants Crackdown On Dangerous Dog Owners
  95. MD-Prince George County-Laurel Mayor Asks County To Lift Breed Ban!
  96. PA-Bristol Ordinance Will Cover Issues State Law Does Not
  97. KS-Hutchinson Considers Pit Bull Ban
  98. Pit Bull Bans: The State of Breed–Specific Legislation
  99. Proposal would ban pit bulls from base housing
  100. CO-Denver Considers Repealing Pit Bull Ban
  101. MI-Mount Clemens Passes Pit Bull Ordinance
  102. MI-Ortonville Considers Pit Bull Ban
  103. Denmark Proposes Breed Bans
  104. hsus-buys-dogs-from-indiana
  105. MO-Village of Windsor Place Passing Pit Bull Ordinance
  106. NE-McCook Animal Ordinance Passes Second Reading
  107. Canada-End of BSL in Nackawic?
  108. MO-Kansas City ACO's Have New Policies to Follow...
  109. OH-Elyria Law Directors Considering Pit Bull Ban
  110. AR-Pine Bluff Looks at Amending Pit Bull Ordinance
  111. TN-Kingsport police chief searching for alternatives to citywide pit bull ban
  112. TN-White County won’t ban pit bulls
  113. TX-Fort Worth council adopts tougher dog ordinance
  114. IL-New law for convicted dog fighters
  115. TX-West Columbia Council Drops Breed Ban Idea
  116. ND-Fargo Dog Law Drafters Want Action
  117. UT-Salt Lake County Considers Tethering Ordinance
  118. GA-Forsyth County Bans Dog Chaining
  119. AR-Springdale to Consider Pit Bull Ban in Dangerous Dog Crack Down
  120. ATTENTION: CALIFORNIA - SB 250 Down to the Wire
  121. WA-Is Yakima's Pitbull Ban Working?
  122. PA-Advocates: Dog laws shouldn't be breed-specific
  123. Williams Lake, BC adds aggressive dogs to animal bylaw
  124. TN_White Co. Studies Ways To Reduce Pit Bulls
  125. MD-Prince George County's Ban on Pit Bulls Resists Tenacious Opposition
  126. IN-Elkhart considers banning pit bulls
  127. IA-Marshalltown- Vicious dogs: Three strikes and you’re out?
  128. UT-Fillmore- Pit bull ban under consideration
  129. NC-Jonesboro Considering BSL
  130. MS- New Florence Puts Ban on Pit Bulls on Hold
  131. MA -Mashpee pit bull limit bylaw going to voters
  132. MO- New Florence Puts Ban on Pit Bulls on Hold
  133. OH-Blanchester council looking at vicious dog legislation
  134. AR-Walnut Ridge Adds Teeth To Dog Laws
  135. GA-Coweta County May Consider Tether Ordinance
  136. TN-Montgomery County Commission to consider revising dog tethering rules
  137. IL-Highland Park Dog Ordinance Revised
  138. Co-Denver-BSL protest, August 25, 1 PM
  139. MO- New Florence Bans Pit Bulls
  140. PA-Rendell signs dog breeder restrictions
  141. NY-$120 fine if dog is caught without NYC license tag on collar
  142. WA-Oak Harbor targets pit bull ordinance for extinction
  143. OH-Neighborhood leaders agree with Ohio high court on vicious dogs
  144. Surrey, BC-Dangerous Breed Ban an Option
  145. IN-Elkhart County Pit bull ban meeting delayed
  146. KS-Hutch won't ban pit bulls
  147. TX-Jacksonville woman thinks legislation is needed
  148. The Crisis of Choosing Between Owning a Dog and Obtaining Home Owners Insurance
  149. NJ-Wolf-dog ban passes first vote in Holland Township
  150. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: Pit bull law unevenly applied
  151. MA-Copy of Proposed Pit Bull Ban in Mashpee
  152. SC-South Charleston City Council Dog Law Passes First Reading
  153. TN-Humane Society official says pit bull bans unsuccessful
  154. NV-Nye County Proposes Revisions to Animal Ordinance
  155. ID-Pocatello Residents Fight Vicious Dog Ordinance
  156. WV-DNR objects to cold-weather limit in tethering ordinance
  157. AR-Salem Considers BSL
  158. Dog Breed Bans Ignore The Real Problem
  159. AL-DeKalb towns pass dog nuisance laws
  160. Nanaimo, BC, Canada: Dog owners wage breed battle
  161. CA-Hercules to consider crackdown on dog attacks
  162. TN-Dandridge Considers Pit Bull Ban
  163. OH-Freemont To Address Pit Bull Issues
  164. IL-Park Ridge’s dangerous-animals law gets 2nd look
  165. MO-Senath Proposes Pit Bull Ban
  166. OH-Family fears Reynoldsburg will remove, destroy dog
  167. KY-Independence Considering BSL
  168. MI-Royal Oak: Dangerous Dogs on Agenda (BSL mentioned)
  169. IA-Fort Dodge Likely To Review Animal Laws Monday
  170. MA- SB 406 to be taken up by Senate (support needed now)
  171. Fremont, OH: Pit bull ban suggested
  172. Salem, AR reminder: Draft ordinance for breed ban to be reviewed by city council
  173. Mass SB 406 to be taken up by Senate (support needed now)
  174. BSL Dandridge, Tn
  175. Neguac, NB, Canada: “Pit bulls” banned
  176. SC-Parris Island, Marine housing: ASPCA to perform behavior evals on banned breeds
  177. IA-Des Moines, update: BSL still being considered
  178. Breed Identification: New articles and an interactive quiz
  179. NV-Dog Owners Advised Of New State Law
  180. MS-Concerned Aberdeen residents hope to see a ban on pit bulls
  181. WA-Oak Harbor City council to discuss repeal of BSL
  182. WV-South Charleston approves 'dangerous' dog ordinance
  183. Marines Ban Pit Bulls on Base Housing
  184. High Court Debates Dog Fighting Videos
  185. WV-Ceredo; Pit Bull Ban Debated in Ceredo (proposal to repeal)
  186. MN-Breakdown of Elk River’s dangerous dogs ordinance
  187. WA-Bothell ponders pit bull breed ban
  188. SOMEONE has a Brain
  189. MI-Ocean Springs Council firm on bridge dog ban
  190. PA-Clairton City Council met over pit bull concerns
  191. CO-Dog owner challenges Denver’s pit bull evaluation and wins
  192. Texas: Statewide petition against BSL
  193. Rulling on "pit bull" spared revives debate on Denver's ban
  194. WA-Oak Harbor To Consider Repeal of BSL 11/4/09
  195. MA HB 913 committee hearing on Oct. 12, 2009 10:00 AM
  196. IA-Sioux City Dog owners go to court against dangerous dog ordinance
  197. OH-Fremont City council to discuss possible “pit bull” ban, October 15
  198. CO-Denver; Were innocent dogs killed?
  199. WI-Pewaukee Village seeks data for vicious dog law
  200. MO: Senath; Defending the family pet … [Ban defeated]
  201. Mashpee; Reminder: Entire town to vote on “pit bull” ban, Oct 19, 7 PM
  202. The Beginning of the End of BSL in the United States: Dexter v. Denver
  203. UK-Campaign launched after pet seized under Dangerous Dogs Act
  204. Kitchener, ON, Canada: Dog owner pleads case to save pet’s life
  205. OH-Newark; Panel refuses to change pit bull rules (BSL upheld)
  206. IL-Park Ridge: Update: Proposed dangerous dog law on hold (not BSL)
  207. IL: Elgin: Don’t ban pit bulls, residents plead
  208. Why BSL is Unconstitutional
  209. Victoria, Australia:Brumby gives councils a licence to kill dogs
  210. RSPCA says Australia no country for pit bulls
  211. MA-Mashpee: Voters reject proposed “pit bull” ban
  212. P.E.I.-Tignish denies pit bull petition
  213. MA-Boston: Landlords liable for pit bulls
  214. ohh no here we go....
  215. OH~Another ‘vicious dog’ case in the courtroom
  216. WA-Bonney Lake: Mobile home park’s sudden breed ban angers dog owners
  217. Animal Rights(Pit Bull & others discriminated breeds).IADCRO & FIAPBT about BSL & DDA
  218. CA-Auburn City Considers Pit Bull Ordinance
  219. MS-Jackson Rules Committee discusses proposed breed ban
  220. Advocates rally against breed-specific bans, such as Denver’s
  221. MI-SOUTHGATE: City Council to reconsider ordinance on vicious dogs (BSL)
  222. AL:Colbert County: Uniform dog law aids enforcement (not BSL)
  223. Australia, NSW - Maltese terrier on dangerous dog list
  224. FL-Broward County Considers Pit Bull Ordinance
  225. London, England: Assembly member suggests adding breeds to ban
  226. KS-Hays City: BSL Proposed
  227. IN: Elkhart may be Goshen’s role model when it comes to animal control laws
  228. MS: Aberdeen board votes to build pit bull holding facility
  229. KY-Dog Law Stiffened In Independence
  230. MI-Genesee County Considering Pit Bull Ban
  231. LA-Mandatory Spay or Neuter Ordinance Withdrawn in New Orleans!
  232. TN-Jackson City Votes Down Mandatory Spay/Neuter
  233. WA-Oak Harbor Repeals BSL
  234. GA-Peach Tree City Man Wants Rules For Pit Bulls
  235. AR-Vicious Dogs to be Monitored-Existing BSL to be Enforced
  236. NV-LasVegas: High euthanasia numbers fuel calls for spay/neuter law
  237. AR-Prescott: No Pit Bulls in Town
  238. OH-Fremont update: Dog law discussion continues at council (BSL under consideration)
  239. PA-Millcreek Twp. Incidents renew calls for regulation of pit bulls & vicious dogs
  240. PA-Anti Tethering H.B. 1254 still in House Judiciary Committee.
  241. Australia-BSL Passed in Tasmania
  242. IA-DesMoines Tables Plans To Change Vicious Dog Rules; Additional BSL Dropped
  243. MI-East China Twnshp & St. Clair County May Consider BSL
  244. NC-Pender County Residents Push For Stronger Animal Control
  245. MI-Sturgis Reviewing Dog Ordinance; Considering BSL
  246. MI-Genesee County Pit bull debate continues as communities deal with dangerous dogs
  247. Lucas County, OH: County to stop killing “pit bull” puppies
  248. NSW/Gold Coast, Australia: The pit bull is the usual suspect
  249. MI-Amory eying tougher pit bill laws
  250. AR-Hot Springs: “Pit bull” ban on agenda, Dec 1