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  1. 10 Basics for the Breed
  2. New puppy advice
  3. Glossary Of ABPT Terms
  4. List of Rescue Organizations
  5. Pet Friendly Housing Resources
  6. So you need to rehome your pet?
  7. Water Encounter
  8. Whats in a Name
  9. Yeah more Names
  10. what? seriously?
  11. is it possible
  12. ?
  13. What made you choose a pitbull?
  14. Gameness
  15. so what has ur dog done to u....
  16. What is a 4th generation Pedigree?
  17. who operates
  18. Ready, set, breathe...
  19. Sick Bastards!
  20. Funny thing my vet said
  21. Why is it so important to use a Pedigree Database?
  22. Who put's there dog in the back of the truck?
  23. If your
  24. So you got me
  25. measuring your dog
  26. http://www.sherdog.net/
  27. Nismo got attacked
  28. It's her BirthDay!!!
  29. little big guy
  30. Tai is coming Home!
  31. growth spurt??
  32. Hiccups
  33. Dog fighter busted
  34. So pissed at kumoe.
  35. AADR (All American Dog Registry)
  36. 5 BYB of so called ptbull in one paper
  37. Newer UKC papers?
  38. I have to share: how to hang papers
  39. Name her:
  40. Los Angeles Animal Control is screwed up!
  41. puppy fever wish list
  42. Rosie Bullie looking for a great home
  43. NAME HER ROUND #2 for papers
  44. What Is The Average Size Of A Quality Bread APBT
  45. what makes a breeder and what makes a BYB in your eyes?
  46. Blind Pit Bull Found In Empty, Abandoned House Told Essentially To "Go To Hell" by NY
  47. NFL Commissioner Leaning Towards Not Reinstating Vick to NFL Until He Shows Remorse
  48. Fun visit
  49. 9 year old saves girl from pitbull?
  50. Brought a tear to my eye...
  51. my dog VS mirror
  52. Dog parks.
  53. soo.....Cali decieded to open my front door for ice cream?!
  54. can i ask a question?
  55. Wow this sucks
  56. What to do when animal control comes knocking
  57. Tank needs a home:URGENT
  58. 4 years in the making!!!!
  59. spin off from blog about working dog
  60. ok spin off on a spin off What a show dog contribute to the breed
  61. Faith
  62. can you find the real APBT, part 2
  63. kumho got me flowers UGH
  64. multiple dog households
  65. Bully or BullShit
  66. How can someone do something so horrible?
  67. 350 dogs seized in dogfighting raids in 5 states
  68. my dog bites the labordor penis..lmao
  69. How do you
  70. Police go after pits- my blood runs cold!
  71. APBT Dictionary
  72. Little Rascal Pit Bull TV star "Petey"
  73. Why your dog
  74. papers ?
  75. Name that dogman/dog
  76. Nevaeh :( (Abnormal HA)
  77. Too Much To Think About.....
  78. A Prayer of a Pit bull
  79. oh my God, poor kid...
  80. Another post on dog parks?
  81. Stupid craigslist
  82. DOGS FOR SALE:.......I think lol
  83. The Movie Walker Payne
  84. A Pitbulls View On Life
  85. Pitbulls Dont Cry
  86. Pitbull poems*tear jerker* -thanks APBT_mommy for idea
  87. Pit Bull Music Video
  88. we need a rant area
  89. ya move to the country and they STILL call the cops on ya
  90. Items needed for PBRC's PoppyMart 2009 auction!
  91. Have to Vent
  92. So sad
  93. An Email I recieved today.
  94. BSL-Is Your Dog Safe?
  95. chomp chomp chomp giggle giggle giggle
  96. What is the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and how do I use it?
  97. Myths about the american pit bull terrier
  98. Reason why you dont squeeze nutts
  99. randy fox's thoughts on bsl and our government
  100. Pit Bulls can't do that....
  101. Books
  102. Ontario Dog Owner Fined $14,000 for online Breeder Bashing
  103. kumho evil sense of humor
  104. BIG eye opener on craigslist
  105. thought this might come in handy for some fl people
  106. NM-Brothers accused of dog fighting operation allege violation of rights
  107. The pitbull nanny dog, an endangered species
  108. Stunned
  109. A+
  110. water works
  111. Ask yourself....
  112. going to jail from trying to bail dog out of jail
  113. Please Crosspost
  114. Dog Fighting Ring Broken up in Sumter, S.C.
  115. Poppy Mart is One Month Away!
  116. How do you like your breeding?
  117. Got a dog who hates storms? Try ‘thunderwear’
  118. Any myspacers wanna send out some mail???
  119. chain collars?????
  120. MORE KUMHO HUMOR..kinda
  121. what has your dog destroyed lately?
  122. Pray for Mavrick?
  123. UPDATE to couple kids by pack of dogs
  124. The dog eats first..she didnt agree
  125. Pedigree Color Code
  126. What Color Is She??
  127. This is upsetting
  128. Cant I just go for a peacefull walk?
  129. out of the freezer and into the frying pan
  130. If you could have a dog...
  131. Happy and Sad at the same time...
  132. gamedog.com
  133. APBT or BULLY?
  134. 100% USDA approved angus beef is home...
  135. Once you go staff... Can you go back?
  136. pike.
  137. Bailey is in Labor!!!
  138. Celebrating dogs with jobs on Labor Day
  139. Shaping the Breed
  140. A lesson to All
  141. wow, of all the things i have heard...
  142. Free Spay/nuter clinic you pits and pit mixes.
  143. GREAT here we go on BSL kick..Kid attacked today
  144. ANother raid:
  145. Where?!!
  146. Obedience Training
  147. what would you do?
  148. Another what would you do?
  149. Value and Relevance of a Pedigree
  150. Since spain. First iadcro international congress in video (free) against bsl
  151. discusted
  152. Simple as this either gigi housetriains or she gotta go to new home..
  153. OFK's New Girls!!!
  154. Question about papered bullys...
  155. Flirt pole?
  156. Worked the two new girls
  157. I know it's not most of ya'lls cup of tea buuuut, I like them...
  158. im in chat
  159. OFK's Ga ADBA Results and Pics
  160. Tyson's new trick
  161. 2 Females up for adoption in NC
  162. Rescue Ink
  163. Ten Things I Will Never Understand (Terrierman's Blog!)
  164. 2 New Fosters
  165. OFK's Friday UKC Update
  166. CA- Big boy Sterling wants to play
  167. Random Kat rant sorry
  168. Pulling vs Mill
  169. OFK's Athens UKC results
  170. mental illness leads to stabing of his pitbull
  171. If you could only....
  172. carpet mill and slat mill
  173. Insurance Company Black List
  174. Non pitbull dog bites.
  175. Handsome "Akilies" is Available in Tampa, FL
  176. the jig is up 7 days to get rid of the dog.
  177. Happy Gotcha Day, Ruby!
  178. Soooo You Know Your Dog Rides W/You Too Much.....
  179. Sound conformation and the working standard
  180. water dog?
  181. IADCRO & FIAPBT -- End the Law BSL against Pit Bull in Puerto Rico.
  182. My Dogs Are Sooooo Well Behaved, lol.....
  183. Finally.... A Treadmill!
  184. what makes a dog start peeing in the house?
  185. Never Been to a Dog Show? What to Expect
  186. Dog Look-A-Likes
  187. NECK FAT? lol
  188. Close call
  189. Weight Pulling For Track Conditioning
  190. Facebook for dogs..
  191. Don't get a Pit Bull...
  192. Dog loves spring pole to much maybe.
  193. Fiapbt & iadcro -- news boletin -- merry christmas
  194. Striving......
  195. Presents For Pitties 2009!
  196. Intersting read
  197. breeding ?
  198. Grrrrr..... I Hate Stupid People!
  199. Brians first birthday!
  200. Help a game dog in Cali!
  201. List of excuses....BYB
  202. The Best Walking Partner: Man vs. Dog
  203. Conditioning For Penny Pooh??
  204. For to look the video and enjoying it with the Christmas celebration. FIAPBT
  205. Our Outing Today....
  206. are u serious...TV..pitbulls..midgets...
  207. Garner's mary needs a compassion home
  208. APBT Books
  209. MT:Keep eye on dogs; wolves out on prowl
  210. I need some advice...
  211. Oh the winter fun at the smith house
  212. We Had Our First Breakstick Usage Tonight.....
  213. A "Lunge Line" for Penny, lol ;)
  214. Bully, POS and The APBT.
  215. Only THREE of These Dogs are Pit Bull Mixes....
  216. Stolen Dogs!
  217. Miss Me?
  218. Bsl alert - the denmark dogs and its owners need your urgent help now
  219. wow its been awhile
  220. "Dog fighting exposed"
  221. Nature Vs. Nurture- Epigenetics
  222. The witch hunt is on Georgia. (they're driving our breed to extinction)
  223. Just cause I love this song
  224. Vote and Cross Post
  225. This is your wake up call
  226. Help with Ideas or Suggestions
  227. Chuck Simmons
  228. Girl scout zoomies...lol
  229. interesting finds i wanted to share before i finish my article that ill post later
  230. Question about DA
  231. Letter From A Shelter Manager
  232. Dr Phil...and pit bulls
  233. Found this interesting...
  234. How many people banned from the Gopitbull board are going to their gamedog Board?
  235. Cow hide....
  236. opinions on my story
  237. Apbt olympic games – carvers museum - fiapbt pedigree presentation – alerts - adopt
  238. Pit bull education 101
  239. Dog agression?
  240. Neutering a male dog?
  241. Iron welded kennels
  242. hiding toys?
  243. Going to get my new pup tomorrow!
  244. Accidental Breeding
  245. what I found standing in line.
  246. Well we no longer have our big boy anymore :(
  247. Gameness
  248. I don't know what to say! Help
  249. Update on Warhead
  250. Dead dogs, breed bans, and preemptive justice