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  1. Interview with Dave Wilson May 28th - Finally the Truth
  2. Floyd Boudreaux, A History
  3. The History of the American Pit Bull Terrier
  4. Howard Heinzl "How it looks to me" 1955
  5. Richard F. Strattons "Color of Gameness"
  6. "Story of the OFRN" Richard F. Stratton
  7. Cordero bloodline.
  8. Greenwoods GR CH Jimmy Boots
  9. Here is a little decent reading on some of APBT history
  10. Bandogges!!!
  11. Ch. Crenshaw's Jeep (4XW) ROM (a.k.a. Garrett's Ch. Jeep)
  12. The History of Blue Dogs in APBT's and AmStaff's. By Jack Turner
  13. Colbys Dime and Tudors Dibo
  14. GR CH (5XW) Stud Fee $25.00
  15. Alligator Family
  16. Ch smigs boogieman (4xw-1xlg)
  17. Tacoma Bloodline
  18. W.C.C.'s "Assassinator" R.O.M.
  19. Ratting
  20. There Is No Magic In The Red-Nose
  21. Steroids and Dogs / Ch. Chinaman
  22. If you have time
  23. Patrick's Tombstone ROM
  24. Indian Bolio ROM
  25. Ch. Bass Tramp Red Boy (3XW) ROM
  26. Ch. Chavis' Jocko (4XW) POR
  27. A Tribute to Pit General & Earl Tudor
  28. What makes a Super Dog?
  29. Earl Tudor Article by Don Mayfield that includes Dibo had a deep blue/black nose
  30. Sgt. Stubby, An American (PBT) History of Loyalty and Heroism
  31. An explanation of black and tan dogs by WSK
  32. UKC Bloodlines Journal
  33. Late OFRN Breeders
  34. Fergusons Centipede
  36. An interview with Vinny of V & B Kennels (Chinaman Article)
  37. The Interview: Mr. Boudreaux speaking
  38. Colby Dogs
  39. Razors Edge
  40. Going Light Barney and Blue Dogs by Richard F. Stratton
  41. Cordeiro blood
  42. Jeep/redboy dogs
  43. what do you know about tnt
  44. a story by ray fox
  45. a story on mayfield's nigger
  46. Fat Bills Two Eyes
  47. Dbl GR CH Tornado
  48. Bass' Tramp Red Boy
  49. Ch Jeep
  50. Krunch Kennels Ch Meister
  51. the "other" Eli story
  52. Snakemans Gr Ch Pedro ROM
  53. Abrahams Gr Ch Queen of Hearts 8xW
  54. The Bolero Story
  55. Rolling Hills Ch Taz ROM
  56. Santas Gr Ch Mongoose
  57. Adams and Crutchfields GR CH Art ROM
  58. Trahan's Rascal
  59. FB continued
  60. FB pt 2
  61. Lar-San
  62. Need Help With Lines
  63. Ruffian Blood
  64. Blood Lines
  65. What is your favorite bloodline and why ???
  66. gas house dog?
  67. Boyles?
  68. Blue Pitbull
  69. American Pit Bull Terrier
  70. what lines of dogs do you have?
  71. Ryan line??
  72. dangerzone
  73. ruffian line dogs live and kickin???
  74. Books?
  75. this is my boy memphis
  76. Bloodlines Demystified
  78. any history or knowledge of the vanpelt line?
  79. A piece boudreaux dogs history
  80. ambully, mix or purebreed?
  81. Dogs of velvet and steel
  82. Worlds "first dog"
  83. The Complete Game Dog -Last Chance to Own This
  84. REDBOY/JEEP/SORREL questions
  85. The Colby Line by Indian Sonny
  86. Earl Tudor - A Breeder of American Gamedogs
  87. Walter Komosinski
  88. Phoebe's Ped....
  89. The Bulldog Edition - Stratton
  90. In Retrospect - Hammonds
  91. Flashing, ignorance, and snarling dogs - Stratton
  92. The name of the Game
  93. The Pedigree Help Thread
  94. Better than Redboy?
  95. good book good price
  96. The NKC and "BLUE" Dog's ???
  97. Nigerino
  98. An interview With Pete Sparks
  99. "Screamer" By Rene (Crenshaw) Owens
  100. James crenshaw books available
  101. From novice to expert
  102. "Greatest Pit Dog I Have Ever Owned", by Al Brown
  103. Rare photo of "Patrick's (Hollingsworth's) Lady In Red"
  104. GR CH COY'S BANJO (5XW) ROM & BB Red = 1st bro/sis registered Gr. Ch.'s
  105. GREENWOOD'S MS. HOLLADAY (ROM) with rare proof of ADBA Pedigree
  106. Rare Photo’s of “Tudor’s Jack Swift”.
  107. Don Maloney and Toot
  108. Joe Medlin
  109. "Bud" the first dog (APBT) to cross America in 1903 via a car with Jackson & Crocker
  110. Original UKC pedigree of Mounford's Nancy Colby bred by Pete Sparks
  111. Another old pedigree !
  112. "Loposay's Emily" - never before Loposaay dog / photo seen online
  113. Earl & Flo Tudor with a painting of Demon in 1973
  114. Never before seen picture online...
  115. Patrick's tombstone rom (1x)
  116. "Greenwood's Strider" rare picture (at pit weight)
  117. Gaboon Trahan and the famous bitch Black Widow
  118. "Ch. Honey Bunch"
  119. Guess Who ???
  120. COLBY'S PINCHER (24XW) & Historical article by, Joseph L. Colby
  121. Another rare "COLOR" photo of "MALONEY'S CH. STRIDER" a.k.a GREENWOOD'S STRIDER
  122. Tom garner and garner's frisco
  123. Attention all Guest & MPBP Forum Member’s please read!
  124. I need some insight here
  125. APBT 101 History Class = TEST ???
  126. Garry Hammonds with his first dog BRUNO
  127. Historical Yard Photo’s
  128. James Crenshaw Picture
  129. Bert Sorrells and Bud
  130. Newb Question on BloodLines etc.
  131. Best Breeding that ever took place...
  132. Adba's first weight pulling ace
  133. Dr. Kimsey Wood & never before seen photo's
  134. educate me please
  135. Hammonds to jeep?
  136. Author "banjo" paterson
  137. Attention: Please read before posting in this section !
  138. G.A. Thirty years with fighting dogs
  139. Email from J.C. Crenshaw
  140. Idaho History: Cockfighting and dog fighting were legal in the 1860s
  141. Wins on his own merits
  142. RIP Lou Colby
  143. Tipton's Bam Bam
  144. Weight pull big names
  145. your interest in bloodlines
  146. Ch Christy's Go GO
  147. what do you think of this bloodline
  148. What do you think of this pedigree.
  149. ???? about gaff dogs
  150. GrCh devil dog steel / diamond jim dogs
  151. Info on a couple of Dogs
  152. The truth history
  153. R.I.P ozzie
  154. old pedigree.
  155. DNA Test Kit